With the advent of a cat in the house begins another life. Little fluffy ball only brings joy, but before these wild felines were very afraid. Even in ancient times cats were treated with respect – in Egypt the cat was regarded as a divine idol, as an animal helps to fight against rodents that ate all human food. Cats are very fastidious animals. A few thousand years ago wildcats inspired fear and terror – they were able to hunt, defend and raise offspring. They had a sharp instinct and memory, well-hunted prey, did not tolerate people who were lonely beings.

Man could not in any way a cat shelter; he could not find a common language with the wild and powerful animals. But then people have created excellent conditions for the domestication of cats, who did not know the wild life. To the animal does not escape, it strongly courted, to please him. It has been thought that the cat – it’s not a true friend of the owner, on the contrary. Man is constantly trying to please a cat, to meet her. By virtue of their animal instincts cats hunted, they protect food and shelter where they lived. People began to appreciate these things, learned how to handle cats.

  • Even after 200 years, cats became accustomed to the presence of humans.
  • Cats can hunt with people – they are not embarrassed.
  • Later, hunting has become a fascinating game – people began to support hunting skills, the cat did not forget its purpose.
  • Cats became to get along with people after a few hundred years old, when they began to appear other cat breeds that differ from the wild cats.
  • If the meat offered little kitten food and home food from cereals, animal chose a meat dish – instincts take up.
  • Cats are very eager to protect the offspring, so when the father of the family rested, cats went close with kids, sleeping with his eyes open.
  • Also habits of cats similar to human – they love affection, comfort, and warmth. They can survive in outdoor environments, but appreciate the comfort and the comfort of home.

Nowadays cats cause a smile and a desire to get their hands on. This completely pets in the blood that still has willingly gene preservation instincts. At any time, even the most rare and domestic cats breed (which has small feet and very delicate wool) can survive in extreme conditions. On our site you will find a complete description of each breed cats will learn a lot from the history of the world and feline friends.