In the US, a cat, under international pressure, left to live in the library


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In the US, a cat, under international pressure, left to live in the library

City guide White Settlement because of numerous protests, arrived in Texas from around the world, has abolished the decision to evict the cat from the Library Browser. Earlier in the library, because of complaints of visitors who are allergic to animals, decided to deprive Browser already habitual residence. But, at a specially convened on the issue in the City Council meeting, Ron White, the mayor of the city, said that the mail came a letter of protest the mayor’s office in electronic form from approximately 1,800 respondents from different countries which protect the right to housing a four-legged.

“He came and lived here for six years because the library there was a problem – bred rodents. Browser in the short term to help to solve it and save the book fund,” – said Blackburn, a member of Animal Friends. After discussing all appearances, it was unanimously decided that the cat can stay and live in the library. The public liked it so much that rumors reached the media. And that’s what they decided to do.

In 2015, the American publisher Grand Central Publishing bought the rights to publish the history of the cat, which lived 7 years in the library of the small town of Spencer, Iowa. This story they did on the basis of real data, but finished writing the story in their own way. For the opportunity to print the next bestseller, American publishers are paid $ 1 250 000, which, according to the newspaper The New York Times, was “phenomenal” amount for books and so far, this amount is considered to be a record – no one has ever paid so much for a memoir about the animals.

And in 2016 in Hollywood began filming the movie based on the book about the cat out of the library, where Meryl Streep will star Vicki Myron – the director of the library itself, where he lived a cat, which gained the status of city mascot. Dewey was the guardian angel of the library for many years: in the morning he met the visitors at the entrance, providing a warm welcome to all, allowed him to stroke, and then choose some cute reader to fall asleep in his arms, or get to it in a bag. Young children, school children and their parents, lonely elderly, wheelchair users – in short, countless fans came to the library to greet Dewey, watch the games and his dexterous leaps.

And he was not disappointed: ride on a library cart, proudly surveying his domain, running around the library shelves, playing hide and seek, climbed on the three-meter shelves to the ceiling and walked between the luminaries – sometimes, to the delight of visitors, sticking his snout between the lamps. He sat down on the computers and desktops, climbed all the boxes and boxes of all sizes – even if there is only placed one paw and part of the tail. But most importantly – he was always ready to chat and make friends with people, adults and small, with strangers and newcomers.

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