Small cat breeds


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Small cat breeds

Its champions there are in domestic and in wild cats. The small cat breeds
of domestic kind of it is named after the location, native cat which became the founders of the dwarf breeds. This is kind and affectionate cat, she is mobile, energetic and not aggressive, is pleased to participate in exhibitions, and this is very important. Who do not cause tenderness little kittens in itself? These cute creatures are simply the embodiment of tenderness, helplessness, and at the same time, incredible energy and excitement. Naturally, the owners of cats dream for as long as possible to enjoy in touching pets age.

Small cat breeds list

Many of us wondered what breeds of cats the most miniature? In fact, there are many reasons. Someone just because of their taste preferences loves all small and elegant. And who does not want to listen to at night a dull clatter cat on the parquet. And maybe your old cat has a long-term habit of sleeping on the back of your bed and upon entering the stage of a long sleep to fall on your head. Do not be surprised, it happens sometimes. We will not go into detail about the reasons for such widespread interest in the miniature cats, and just list some of rocks.

Cat breeds that stay small

Small cat breeds
The first mini-cat was launched in 1978; however, the official recognition of the smallest cat breed took place August 23, 2010. The breed was recognized FARUS system and it has yet to go through the European Commission and international experts. The size of an adult kittens that stay small can be compared with the size of a 5-month-old kitten, weighing less than 2.5 kg. It is noteworthy that the breed is not a dwarf, a complete cat small. Dwarfs are called animals with the mutated gene of growth; such individuals live a full life, but often do not have the possibility of procreation. The only genetic anomaly concerns the Cauchy big eyes.

The feature is not a deviation and does not bear a negative impact on the health of your pet. It is a physically complete cat without the propensity to chronic diseases and is able to live more than 20 years. However, given the small numbers and the “youth” of the breed such statements cannot be taken as a guarantee for all members. Livestock breeds in 2014 numbered only 25 individuals, taking into account the rate of reproduction of the breed – a cat brings 1-3 kittens per year, representatives of the small cats will long remain a “gimmick”. The smallest breed of cats in the world has the nature of a dog. It is a full partner and not “walk alone” as “spiritual parents” of the breed argue that even adult cats do not smell and does not mark territory.

The problem is that all miniature animals have difficulty producing offspring born. Many females are simply not able to carry and give birth to kittens. We can only hope and wait – a breakthrough will be accomplished in the next few years, or kids will take a well-deserved place in the history of the feline world.

Small cat care

Small cat breeds
For the normal existence of tiny cats in the human habitation, he needs a lot of necessary things. Tray toilet is one of the most important accessories. Small cat – are very clean. Bringing in a new house pet, it necessarily needs to “introduce” with its toilet, to further no problems. The kitten must have its own separate bowl for dry food and water for the individual dishes. Desirable is the third bowl for liquid food (cereals, canned goods, etc.). The sale represented the mass of the samples, it is recommended to choose a shallow bowl made of metal or ceramics, which have a wide base and low bumpers.

Each kitten should have a house or even a mat, in a secluded corner. This “his” house cat will run away when he wants to relax or to be alone. To the miniature cats scratching furniture or wallpaper, you must buy him a scratching post. Turning the clutches of a physiological is need of cats. This subject will help pets “sharpen” claws without damage to other objects. For young and adult cats need constant care. From an early age, the kitten should be accustomed to regular hygiene practices. Not less than once a week there is inspection and cleaning ears. The auditory is wiped with a cotton swab, bright sulfur healthy kittens odorless. Special hygienic compositions can be used for cleaning.

Eyes small cats do not require special care. It should only be cleaned with a dark patina around the eyes, appearing sometimes in the morning. This is done in ordinary water-moistened cotton part. If the animal appears purulent discharge, be sure to consult with a specialist. Once a month is needed inspection and grooming claws. Before claw is cut, it is necessary to inspect the light cannot damage the blood vessel that is held in its cavity. Usually, claws cut at 1-2 mm. shearing procedure is performed with special scissors “guillotine” type. Since the early days, you should train a kitten to use scratching posts.

Caring for hair

Small cat breeds
Small breed cats are very fond of their own to care for themselves. They can spend hours licking their amazing furry pelt language. In order to lower the animal’s stomach was hammered balls of wool, must be regularly combing. For short hair use a small brush with short and frequent teeth. For the long-haired variety is rarely used and valley teeth on a comb. It is preferable to perform this procedure brushes with natural bristles. Long-haired cats require daily combing, to rock with short hair, it once a week is enough to carry out. In the autumn or spring comb can be performed more frequently, as needed.

All the mini cats love to bathe if they accustom to it from an early age. You do not need to be washed very young kittens if there is no urgent need. In the future, the procedure can be carried out not more than once every 3 months, or as needed (before the show or if heavily soiled). After bathing, be sure to thoroughly dry the fur, the animal is not sick. For feeding of pedigreed cats make better use of factory-ready food. In such ready premium, formulations have chosen the appropriate minerals and vitamins are necessary for normal development of the pets. It can be as dry mixtures and canned food.

History of small breed

Small cat breeds
In England in 1870, founder of a cat lover, suggested the idea of a cat shows, to the breeders and fans were able to compare their pets and give the opportunity to admire the beautiful animals for everyone. As a result, in this first exhibition of cats, tiniest cat breed aged 14 years, was recognized as the best. This is the only feature of a small breed, which is derived in the territory of more than one state. The first representatives appeared for a long time in the kennel has not had a lot of kittens that had wrinkles on his tail and short-tailed cats born little kitten.

This kid had a small tail and significantly different in size from their brothers and sisters. Subsequently, it was this kitten will give rise to a new breed. Breeder was engaged in breeding and fixing characteristics and genes responsible for the appearance of miniature cats and dogs. In 1994, all standards for this breed have been established and approved. After that the animals were presented at the World Fair, where he became acquainted with the world. Thus, representatives of small rocks fall into the territory of the United States, where the experimental breeding of the breed begins.

Study offspring revealed that short legs mutation does not affect the mobility of the joints of the limbs or spine, which is characteristic of short dog’s paws. Cats – the tireless and courageous climbers jumpers, they behave like little acrobats and cheerful clowns. Of course, they can not jump as high as they are long-legged cousins, but at the same time demonstrate the great miracles of dexterity, climbing stairs, gratings, turning in the air with unparalleled speed and surprising and unexpected for them grace. First person view for the first time that saw the little cat expresses pity. Second opinion – provocative smile, and the third – the delight and adoration!

Small cat breeds

Currently, small cats participate in exhibitions in title only classes in TICA (The International Cat Association), UFO (United Feline Organization) and WCF (World Cat Federation), which has a TIC agreement on mutual recognition of standards and rocks. TICA made it possible to put them in the Championship from March 2003, to allow the animals to get the titles only with three-knee Specialty pedigree. What has been done to understand quite easily? In the evolution of the study of rocks and small stature, mutations produced test crossing with various miniature cat breeds of pedigree cats and all sorts.

This way, many breeds are based on mutations. And now we can see the curly kids – Skookums (hybrid breed of “La perm”), Napoleons (hybrid with Persians and Exotics), Kinkalow (a hybrid of the American Curl), and Mei Toi (miniature munchkin, hybrid Ocicat, and Singapore). This funny mongrel found its fans, and may soon take its place among the recognized breeds. At least enough nurseries are hybrids with this serious, purposeful breeding work. But we pay attention to both sides of the coin of such bold experiments. Breed Group, began its development with a single cat, had an extensive gene pool in a relatively short period of time. It has brought in an emerging breed of good health, as well as the richest range of colors.

But, on the other hand, breeders got absolutely different types of animals. This applies to both the size (2-5 kg for cats and for cats 1.5-4), and all the articles – shaped head, the size of the ears, coat texture, and, most importantly, the proportion and balance of the body and legs. The current standard for TICA breed young cat is in development, the Council is constantly Breed seminars, discussions, leading to what type of rock leveled.

Small cat character

Small cat breeds
If you’ve always dreamed to find yourself a cat-child, the little cat – a pet miracle that you need. The interesting thing is that it looks very similar to a toy, as in nature – it is absolutely the opposite. This is a good, gentle creature that is sure to give you love and affection. They are very well dispensing with the children. They understand that it is children and always ready to play with them. Also, these cats are very water-demanding creation. Not only that, you will not have problems with bathing your pet, it will still take pleasure in the process favorite for him. All kittens have a very “capricious” genetics, which gives a lot of trouble in reproduction.

The smallest lump of happiness – this is Napoleon, even as an adult, he will weigh no more than 1.5 kg, which is 2-3 times less than normal cats. In the category “short legs” leads – Munchkin, and for the ability to sit “column”, also called cat kangaroo. One of the younger rocks among mini-cats – Kinkalou it, too, “cat-fee”, its main feature is rolled back ears. In the world, there are only a few dozen, which indicates the exclusivity of this breed. Energetic Curl, also winner of the fancy “curly” ears, legs only had a little higher than the Kinkalou. Exotic Shorthair – it is a real teddy bear, with a round head and chubby cheeks. But spoiled kingship and devoted affection you show Persian cat.

The variety and diversity of pygmy cat pleasant surprise visitors cat exhibitions. And without a huge amount of rocks constantly continues to grow the most unusual breed of cats. Some of them appeared thanks to the long and hard work of breeders, others are the result of a happy accident. Unique specimens of rare and younger rocks can cost a lot of money, but it does not bother connoisseurs outrageous. The demand for animals to original appearance, despite their high cost, is quite high. This breed for cheerful and sociable people who value quality in petite cats` similar nature. Bored and receives less attention cat can wrap his boundless energy in a destructive direction, and then your home, you may need to unscheduled repairs.

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