Shorthair cat breeds


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Shorthair cat breeds

Shorthair cat breeds attract those who want to get a cat and do not want to have problems with the care of her hair, as well as cleaning the house. In addition, it is believed that the shorter a cat’s fur, the less bright expressed allergy in their hosts, with such. However, they both are not quite right. For example, the British cat with a short double coat can bring owners more trouble than the long-haired Javanese, with no undercoat. A hypoallergenic cat breed is considered to be extremely long-haired Siberian breed because it usually causes the allergy is not as much wool of a cat as a specific protein, which is contained in its saliva.

Shorthair cat breeds list

Shorthair cat – the most common species in Europe, but shows it is possible to meet not so often. Some breeders and breeders believe this breed uninteresting for their work. Fortunately, others disagree and continue to support them to develop and improve this interesting breed.

Shorthair cat care

Shorthair cat breeds
The main features of this breed are the mind, kindness and patience. All kind they radiate calmness and confidence. Before, these animals can be very active but then becomes a power. Friendly to other animals living in the house, but the offense will not give you to anyone.

How to please them?

Contrary to popular belief shorthair cats are not fussy about food. Love usual feline delicacies. Veterinarians are advised to give them low-fat food. The amount of fish consumed should be limited in order to avoid problems with the kidneys (fish contributes to the formation of stones). It is mandatory to carefully boil thoroughly. Eating raw fish threatens helminthes infection that can be transmitted to other animals and people. After cooking, all the bones removed. The meat can be mixed with cereals and vegetables.

Feeding kittens

In the first weeks of life, kittens are eating only breast milk during the transition to artificial feeding, cats give cow’s milk. It is not excluded meat, minced. At older ages, in order to avoid digestive disorders, you can pamper pet products containing lactic acid bacteria: sour cream, yogurt. Do not disdain shorthair cat dry food and canned food. The main thing – to provide a full-fledged animal diet containing sufficient amounts of minerals and vitamins. For cats is important drinking regime – it should have regular access to clean drinking water. It must necessarily be fresh; otherwise, the cat will not drink.

Care shorthair cat

Pet very gentle. The owners noticed that the care of the cats of this breed is not difficult. Combing can only be a soft brush. Slicker is not suitable for them. Skills-care appears to have 5 weeks when the kitten begins to lick himself. The inherent accuracy helps to keep the house clean. The rest of the usual care as a cat:

  • ear cleaning;
  • the washing up;
  • grooming claws.

Therefore, if the experience of the content of cats not, this cat is quite suitable for beginners.


Like all cats, short-haired cats need a veterinarian’s supervision and regular vaccinations. With the onset of warm days, with departures on nature, it is necessary to carry out processing against ticks. Representatives of this breed have an enviable good health. With proper care shorthair cat, usually they can live up to 15 years. According to feline standards – longevity. The only weak point in it – a tendency to colds and conjunctivitis. So try to make a place for recreation cats are not on the floor, and on a hill. Away from the windows and doorways.

After washing, do not let the street.

Due to the nature of domestic food animals susceptible to diseases of the teeth. Calculus formation may lead to gum disease and tooth loss. Cultivation shorthair problematic. Because certain genetic difficulties arising from the inheritance of blood groups, the breeding of this breed requires great attention and almost impossible without the assistance of professionals. Otherwise, too high mortality progeny not is avoided.

History of shorthair breed

Shorthair cat breeds
Not every breed can tell the true homeland, which grew, was formed under the influence of external factors developing in those animals that we are now seeing. Indeed, short hair cats are home to the island, where there are many hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago was inhabited by their ancestors. Many centuries ago, when Europe began to appear shorthair cat, they were particularly popular with the local population because of their proud gaze, unpretentiousness, passable liking. At that time, the history of the species has been neglected: there were no keeping studbooks and not written their story. However, there are precise data on the short-haired cat, which allows us to know the history of their origin.

One legend has it that one of the habitats of the intestines is the Roman Empire. According to this myth, the islands of the representatives of the cat with short hair for the first time it was brought by the Romans. Despite the fact that the official figures only appeared in the last century, the ancestors of modern short-haired cats are reflected in the ancient paintings and engravings and have a great resemblance to the modern representatives of cats to which we are so accustomed.

In those days, and even now, the cats had one distinguishing feature – a short, dense coat. Thanks to her, they can live in almost any environment, making them quite unpretentious. In addition to this, they had a nice coat that makes them ornate anytime. The main qualities that this cat breed was popular has the stamina and physical strength. This made it possible to use them in the service of the people. For example, the most physically strong and hardy cats are included in the team’s merchant ships. They stood striped color, and probably this trait passed to them from their ancestors.

Prior to the beginning of the twentieth century, there was no separation of short-haired cats and east European breed. These cats were one breed and interbreed with each other. This breed was described as “short-haired breed.” And only a few decades, about 20-30 years of British breeders began professionally engaged in breeding cats of the British breed, for which a special program was even developed. However, the relationship of these animals with humans, namely with their lives is just as great as the fate of the national breed with the fate and history of the people.

During the Second World War, these cats are almost gone. Therefore, the results achieved after careful and hard work of breeders seemed to be in vain. However, after the war, the country began to recover and began to be implemented, including new attempts to restore the breed. For breeding material was collected by representatives of the cat is not only living in the UK but in part imported from Europe, which in the pre-war population has become particularly significant. After an additional crossing different breeds of cats came to light, which are the modern representatives of the British. All short-haired cats appeared from British ancestors.

Shorthair cat character

Shorthair cat breeds
This cat can be called universal. It is suitable for older people and families with young children, becoming for them a cheerful companion in games. You can make it and those who have little time at home. Shorthair cat will entertain herself and wait patiently for the host. In order to acquire a healthy kitten is better to turn to an experienced breeder or club. With the advent of such a pet in the house will become warmer and calmer!

Shorthair cat lovely, relatively quiet, intelligent and affectionate animals. They are more mobile and active, regardless of their age than the representatives of the Persian breeds. They love to spend time with the owners, but also quite feel comfortable in solitude. Unpretentious and easy to adapt to different conditions. One of its endearing features – a little turned up side of the mouth, gives the impression that they smile (the smile of the Cheshire cat). Wool Shorthair, because it is short, does not require a thorough daily care.

For many years, the most common color of short-haired cat was her natural color – blue. Currently displayed a lot of colors, it’s purple and cream, black, and white, red, marble, color-point, bi-color, silver and gold. And this is not a complete list of colors. There is also the original color chinchilla at Shorthair, which was obtained thanks to the Persian chinchillas 15 years ago. In addition to a beautiful coat, chinchilla-cat inherited from the Persians calm, balanced character. Now, after years of hard work of breeders, animal’s colors silver shaded, and silver chinchilla combines good type, massive forms, good-natured character and elegant mantle.

Shorthair cat breeds

With its ornate appearance and is very loving, affectionate nature, silver chinchilla are gaining more and more fans. Shorthair cat, as mentioned above, unpretentious in life, but they require proper nutrition and leisure activities, preventive veterinary check-ups, vaccinations. Shorthair cat – real aristocrats among his relatives, in the guise of which the seriousness and solidity combined with thoroughness and kindness.

Due to the different crossings, conducted in order to bring the short-haired cats, the first cats of this breed were a little more actively their relatives. But over the past forty years, during which the output of these cats, their behavior became more like the behavior of the Persians, although the same can be said about their appearance. But they are still somewhat active, very funny, kind and calm, which makes them ideal cats in families with both young children and without them. Also, short-haired cats feel well in urban apartments and country houses.

They get along very well and they with other animals, but, nevertheless, they like to be around people. They have a small voice, which they are not very often used, but, for example, may greet you when you come home. Almost all short-haired cats are unpretentious – for their games enough paper ball or a simple ribbon. Jump and worn around the house, they do not like breakneck speed. But to lie down, relax, and even to be someone stroking – it is more to their liking. Shorthair cats – one of the most loving and devoted to their owners of cats.

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