Rock stars with their pets


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Today we publish the photos of legends of rock music and their pets. We are accustomed to seeing rock musicians brutal, harsh and ruthless, enjoy the moments when the gods of rock take care about someone other than themselves.

John Lennon (The Beatles)

John Lennon’s first cat called Elvis Presley. The mother of the future leader of The Beatles gave the nickname of a pet, incorrectly defining it gender. It is found only at the moment when Elvis suddenly gave birth to kittens. Lennon had 17 cats for the rest of his life, one of which he named Jesus (ably in response to the hype in the press statement called “The Beatles more popular than Christ»). In addition to Elvis and Jesus was the most favorite Tim, picked up on the street, Mimi (in honor of his aunt), kittens Major and Minor (when he met with may Pang), the Persians Misha, Shash and Charo (when he married Yoko Ono and moved to New York City) and many other. In the pictures below is a black cat named Pepper. following the Pepper John and Yoko hosted another white, and named Salt.

Morrissey (The Smith)

Morrissey, the leader and founder of the cult band The Smiths had always believed thatcats are intelligent and independent, unlike dogs who constantly demand attention and generally stink. Singer had a lot of cats, musician couldn’t just walk past a homeless cat, at least notpatting it. And often he took them home. Pet Tibby, with whom Morrissey grew up, died of arthritis on the eve of the recording of the album “The Queen Is Dead” than the singer threw in an even more severe depression than normal. There are lots of photos, which show love Morrissey to their pets. The famous picture with the cat on the head, used PETA Organization and The Guardian Weekend put on the cover. Now the musician is a staunch defender of the rights of animals and an opponent of meat eating.



Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

They say that in 14 years, Kurt Cobain killed whether a neighbor’s or a stray cat, thrusting it into the chimney. And in 1991 he painted Kitty Kwisp in red, white and blue colors. And despite this, Cobain loved cats (strange love) and they have him.



Freddie Mercury (Queen)

The leader of the Queen has always had a lot of cats, for which he is very boredduring the tour and sometimes called home on the phone just to chat with them. According to the recollections of his friend Mary Austin, she brought to the ear of acat pipe, and so the boss with the helpfu. Mercury not only painted portraits of cats, but also wrote about music: his first solo album “Mr. Bad Guy” is dedicated to “cats Jerry, as well as Oscar and Tiffany — and all lovers of cats in this world, the rest let go … ». There’s even a song “Delilah”, one of the most insightful writings about cats in the history of rock music that is indistinguishable from the Epistles the beloved.



Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd)

Sid Barrett had two cats, one called Pink, the other Floyd. According to one version, he gave them the nickname in honor of Bluesmen Pink Anderson and Floyd Kaunsila — and after remembering his animals, came up with the name of his own group. Due to problems with drugs Barrett gradually went insane, eventually he reached that threw Pink and Floyd alone in some London shack, because simply decided to move.


Frank Zappa

In 1990 house of Frank Zappa was more like a Zoo – snake, turtle, two dogs and five cats lived there. Wild white cat called Tweezer and he often walked outside the House, occasionally coming “graze” meal. Black cat the old, called Marsh Moff, she loved to sit on the shoulders and purr. In addiction the musician to animals is no surprise — Zappa was misanthrope, butwith cats unite at least his mustache.

ca. 1987 --- Frank Zappa with Cat on Shoulders --- Image by © Mark Hanauer/Corbis

ca. 1987 — Frank Zappa with Cat on Shoulders — Image by © Mark Hanauer/Corbis


Many creative individuals do not represent their life without cats, because these cute often replace the maestros of the Muse, and best friend. In this article, we introduced only a few legendary rock musicians that nourished a passion for cats, but we all know that cat lovers really much more, and it does not depend on the profession, sex, age or something else.

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