Red cats: solar symbols of happiness, warmth and well-being


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The first domesticated cats to man originated the belief in mystical abilities of this animal. And widely known nine lives, and liaison with the underworld, and the black cat brings mischief, all factors pointing to the mysterious origin of these animals. No wonder, in many countries there are cults who idolize representatives feline kind.But among them there are special red appearance on old belief, bringing happiness into the house.

1. Myth and reality

Whether to believe in superstition, and where truth. It is obvious that originally, in favor of the magical abilities of Red cats tripped their color. Bright, sunny, fiery, he embodied the warmth and joy, which is why red cat has become a symbol of happiness. The owners of Red fluffy noticed that their presence recedes sadness, longing, leaves and the soul becomes light and relaxed. A small homemade sun disperses the clouds and fills the House natural harmony. Redheads behavior observing Favorites opened and another, useful to humans, hypostasis: the ability for healing. If the red cat started to patronize the ill person, then it’s a clear sign that he is soon going to the amendment.

2. Character and behavior

If you ask the host red cat describe the nature of a pet, he is unlikely to confine ourselves to a few words. In this solar breed is gentle and warm breezes blow, and immolation gusts firestorm. Daring, independent, clever, affectionate, docile, fun and extremely smart, they are so diverse in their behavior that, even after living with them for more than a year, you will never stop discovering new qualities in them. What they didn’t take, so it’s a tolerant attitude to the smallest members of the family. These pets love children and condone a lot, and the kids are drawn to him, feeling in these solar creatures from the Ecumenical supply positive and good.

3. This red variety

Surprisingly, among the red cats you will not find any with smooth, solid color wool. All of them, light and dark, cream and red, will be decorated with stripes or spots. This is especially true for “wild” species, such as Savannah, cats, Bengal cats, as well as the Caracal. This feature lies in them genetically. From genetic chromosome layout is another trend: mostly red cats, cats are born in their family is much less. Note that the more bright spots or streaks in the golden color of the cat, the harder his character. If you ignore his whims, it you will get revenge. The combination of red wool with green cat’s eyes, a clear sign of a merry disposition of the animal. It not only rages with positive energy, but his master turns in bright, cheerful person.

4. Pedigree representatives red brotherhood

The largest number of redheads kittens are born from ordinary domestic cats. However, there are representatives of noble family feline delighting us golden color. In first place is worth to put the Persians. Royal Persian cats are loved by many, but redheads Persians is a real miracle. Trusting, affectionate, they lie on the couch a puff of sunlight, faithfully watching the master. A kind face in Golden persa version looks fabulous, bright and beautifully.
Redhead Brit is a true Aristocrat, with a share of feline snobbery and pronounced individuality. The excessive familiarity he would not agree, but it will give itself a Pat. He, as the English Lord, knows her worth.
Siberian cats have a red color is rare, but if you happen to acquire such a kitten, consider that in your House it’s a lot of happiness. Thick, long hair Golden Siberian cats requires constant care, but it’s worth it. Fur seal of fire causes positive emotions and good luck animal turns it into an ideal pet. This breed is peculiar quest for freedom, so often vygulivajte your pet, so he was always in a good mood.
Abyssinian cats are also included in this red bar. Amazingly beautiful and graceful breed distinguished by natural curiosity, good learning and selfless devotion to his master. Sociable and peaceful, it is easy to get along with other animals and gets along wonderfully with children.There is no aggression, and fiery color just a sign of warmth and love.
Siamese cats are golden color is a real rarity. As Thai, Siamese ginger cats are unusual for the breed, but they are there. Moreover, they reduced the inherent to Siamese cats aggression. Happiness already that this cat is in your home. At Red Siamese nature more manageable than in cats with normal natural color, but they can bring surprises.Give them as much affection as they require from you, and you will get the most devotional creature.

5. Popularity and love

Whatever the breed were not red cats, their amusing appeared adorn and glossy tabloids, and greeting cards, and children’s books. Solar animals often become the protagonists of the films and fairy tales. Who among us has not touched the imploring look red cat from “Shrek”, with eyes that are attracted by its sincere sadness.And how many times we laughed over elaborate pranks Garfield, believes that the whole world must serve him.
And, of course, we love their red pets not for what they bring happiness, but simply because they are close to us.Although we believe in omens, and look forward to them.

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