Long hair cat breeds


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Long hair cat breeds

Long hair cat breeds, despite its gorgeous coat and does not require special care, because it does not fall down in pets and does not fade. However, this feature only has representatives of purebred of this breed. This cat can rightly be called perfect. In addition to its attractive external data, it differs with gentle nature. If you are an admirer of this breed, then here you can find a complete description thereof.

Long hair cat breeds list

The first work on the crossing of British Shorthair and Persians, from whom there was British Longhair, began after the First World War. A group of British breeders decided to improve the breed shorthair cats, but overlapping phenotypes led to weighting skeleton cat and pug because not all the feline organizations have recognized the official standard. English breeders continue to intentionally display longhaired hybrids, eliminating them from the relevant features of the Persians. While long-haired Englishmen recognized TICA, WCF.

Long hair cat care

Long hair cat breeds
Longhair requires more care than short-haired. Encourage your cat to care for wool from early childhood, and it takes a lot of happy and pleasant moments for both of you. How often you need to comb your cat depends on the thickness, length, and texture of her hair. Undercoat density is also taken into account. Dogs with soft, like cotton wool, undercoat is required to comb out two or three times a week to prevent the fur stall.

Cat with any need to comb hair, it helps to remove dead hairs from which the stomach cats may form a hairball. In addition, combing stimulates blood circulation in the skin, removes necrotic cells, tones the muscles. Grooming also will regularly examine your cat’s body for the presence of various diseases and to detect them at an early stage. In the long-haired cats happens twice a year seasonal molt. Incidentally, these cats shed no less short-just long hair longer visible.

But not all breeds of long-haired cats, such as problem-free as Turkish Vans. Fuzziest requires careful maintenance. Experts recommend training kittens to such care from the first day they arrive in your apartment.

So, counting on his fingers, but better record – in the beautician long-haired cats should be:

  • Three types of combs: short and frequent teeth, middle teeth, long and a few teeth + brush with natural bristles;
  • Products for hair care: spray mats, talc, and air conditioning.

All of the above – the mandatory minimum, designed to facilitate the care of the pet.

How to comb Longhair:

  • unravel the tangles;
  • comb with a few teeth gently comb the wool;
  • do the same comb with frequent teeth;
  • and repeat the procedure from a natural bristle brush.

Remember that fiber, fresh herbs, and special food to help your long-haired pets bring wool, which fell into the stomach. It is said that Leonardo da Vinci once admitted: “Even the smallest of cat – perfection.” A long haired cat breeds – a fluffy perfection!

According to fans of the breed, these cats have a mild and friendly disposition. They are self-sufficient, peaceful and measured, perfectly relate to children, although, if necessary, loudly express their dissatisfaction and deliberately evade pesky kids. It is necessary to educate the cats of this breed, as they can quickly feel incredibly permissiveness. They are quiet and undemanding, they will not achieve much, constant attention to it, but also the game will never give up.

Long hair cat breeds

Representatives of this breed of up to two years, love to play and frolic, the adults prefer more privacy and a measured way of life. These cats are ideal for families with children; as well they get along with other animals, even dogs, subordinating them. With regard to care for them, their fur is not prone to stalling and molting, so that it is enough to brush your pet once a week. Frequently wash these cats is not recommended, it is sufficient to carry out water treatment 1 time in 2-3 months, be sure to use special shampoos for washing cats.

All long-haired cats hardly shed, so that you will avoid the need for constant cleaning of the apartment or house in the autumn and spring. It is important for the representatives of this breed regularly clean the ears and teeth, to feed special feed. It is important to remember that the wool of these animals – an indicator of health, and if it becomes dull or begins to topple, then you must show your pet’s veterinarian.

History of long hair breed

Long hair cat breeds
Long-haired cat – cat sensation! Dabbled in Europe, it presented to the 16th-century aristocrat Petro Della Valle. The famous traveler brought a couple of long-haired beauties of Persia and presented to the Pope. Supreme Pontiff of the first fell under the charm of Persian, and behind him felt the rest of the Italians, and after the French. Historically, those oriental beauties immediately came under the patronage of the aristocracy. And if in Italy conquered the Pope Cats long-haired breed, then in France, they lived at the court of Cardinal Richelieu. Oh, how many small and large secrets behind the scenes of the world have seen a cat with long hair! But with long-haired cat breeds are no different loquacity and aristocratic home remains a reliable guardian of secrets.

However, many say that Longhair much kinder his short-haired girlfriend. She literally created for an apartment or house, but in his affections, all the same, first place gives people. For children, and for adults, long-haired cat – the ideal companion! Despite the fact that the home is not considered a long-haired breed, as such, these cats with different characters, wool types, all kinds of Color are excellent companions. These beauties deserve the same love and respect as any grand champion.

The first domestic cats are shorthaired, longhaired and lived with a man for thousands of years. Shorthair domestic cat originated from the species Felis Silvestre’s lybica. Then, by mutation wool became longer. Probably, it happened spontaneously in an isolated environment with a cold climate, where such a coat gave a better chance of survival.  These hardy long-haired cat emigrants crossed the country with European settlers and settled everywhere. They are the ancestors of the American breed Maine Coon. Today, domestic longhair in second most is popular after the domestic shorthair.

Originally it belonged to the breed only animals color brown tabby and only later other colors were introduced. Another popular legend has it that the ancestors of the breed began six cats, exiled Queen Mary in Wiscasset), when she was planning to escape from France during the French Revolution. Most breeders today believe that the breed is generated by pairing local and foreign short-long-haired cats, probably imported to New England by the Vikings. It was at this time to start laying the first kennels and breed lovers association. In 1968, six breeders formed the Association of Breeders of cats (MCBFA), which by 1980 counted already 1000 fans and 200 nurseries!

The decoration is chic many cats on the neck collar, a brush on the ears and tufts of hair on the legs. Long-haired cats are painted in the same colors and colors as their short-haired relatives, but some colors such as smoky; it is most advantageous to look at the cat with long thick hair. Sometimes an ordinary domestic cat may be similar to a cat of any breed, for example, in the Himalayan or Maine Coon, but this is purely superficial resemblance. Domestic cats are not purebred animals accidentally wormed his way into the ranks of mongrel.

Long hair cat character

Long hair cat breeds
Longhair is medium sized and proportioned. The weight of an adult animal – is 3.5-6 kg. It is hardly distinguishable from normal domestic cat. By nature, it is more active and open than shorthair. Thus, this gene can be passed down from generation to generation, often one does not even know of its existence. Characters of long haired cats varied as the colors of their luxurious coats. Pedigrees of these cats are usually unknown, so it’s hard to predict what will come of the kitten when he grows up. He can be quiet or mischievous, fearful or sociable, small or large.

Anything is possible with random mating. It is believed, however, that the long-haired cats are calmer than their short-haired relatives. If you know the parents of your kitten, you can get an idea about the nature of your pet. However, do not forget that in many respects the nature of a kitten depends on its socialization. To grown quiet, friendly animal, you need to spend a lot of time with your pet. From the words of breeders, Longhair has a mild disposition. Representatives of this breed are very friendly to people, find contact with children. However, if the child is too intrusive, the cat can get away defiantly.

They are unpretentious and do not require special attention. However, the game, they just will not give up. Pamper them undesirable as they quickly get used to it and feel permissiveness. Playful kittens show up to two years. But the cat is older already prefers solitude. For him prefer the quiet way of life. These kittens feel well in families with children. Not bad and they get along with other pets. But they present a tendency to dominate over other animals. Typically, these cats have quiet, gentle nature. Time required to care for their hair, are compensated by the fact that they do not require constant attention. In general, they are not noisy and do not miss, if left alone, when you go to work for a whole day.

Long hair cat breeds

After a long study of psychologists finally, it was able to identify the main components of the character and behavioral features of the cats. Zoo psychologies identified five permanent features of the nature of cats and made an unexpected conclusion: many of the basic traits of our favorite’s meows were surprisingly similar to those of men.

  1. Cats, like people, can be nervous and shy, but also calm and trusting.
  2. Curiously, activity and responsiveness, and some apathy and futility – these traits baleen pets also similar to human.
  3. Gentle and friendly – and these traits can be found in humans.
  4. Characteristics common to all cats – this dominance. Many pets like to be aggressive and hurt their fellows. Are there any such representatives of the human race? There is.
  5. And, finally, we all know that a cat “walks by itself” – when he wants, where he wants and how he wants. Impulsiveness, spontaneity and impermanence – very cat-like features.

The researchers hope that these findings will help cat lovers better understands their pets.

All cats correspond to the basic standard. They differ only in color and pattern fur. Persian cats, perhaps the most fascinating of all breeds. With a long, luxuriant hair, bushy tail and a distinctive collar around the neck, they look so beautiful. However, to maintain this beauty requires constant grooming. On it takes some time, so every owner of a Persian cat should be ready to give this lesson at least 15 minutes a day. It satisfies the requirements of the standard a little elegant but stocky cat with expressive eyes, a tiny nose, and small, wide-set ears. Eye color ranges, as well as the color of the fur, but between them should always be matched. For each color, variation is allowed some freedom in the framework of the standard, but each must match the exterior of typical long-haired cats.

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