How to take care of a kitten


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kitten care

How to take care of a kitten? Before choosing a kitten, remember that all the cats have their own unique character, and to predict what will be for kitten care is not possible. However, you can make your life easier by choosing an animal with which you will live as comfortable as possible, having carefully studied features of the breed of a cat by a kitten with a certain structure of wool and manners of behavior. In order to be able to navigate in a variety of pet cats and choose the most suitable for you, go to the cat show, talk to breeders of various breeds, shop, and then purchase a kitten.

Never get an animal in a state of emotional impulse, experiencing the delight of the beauty and grace of a particular breed. Weigh the pros and cons, and only realized that you do not just want a kitten from the fact that he is insanely beautiful, but also will be able to provide all the needs of the animal’s breed, buy animal.
 kitten care

If you want to take an ordinary mongrel kitten, maybe you will become the owner of the grateful creatures in the world and devoted friend. The first thing you need to do, preparing premises to the appearance of a cat – is to secure the future of the animal’s place of detention. To do this you will need:

  1. Remove the electrical wires in inaccessible place for the kitten. Close outlet special plugs.
  2. Hide medicines, poisons, household chemicals, dangerous for cat’s plants out of reach for the kitten.
  3. Remove household items, small things that a kitten can be mistaken for a toy (paper clips, pins, erasers, buttons, elastic bands, bags, decorations for Christmas trees). Very often, little kittens start to play with inappropriate objects. Unfortunately, these games and swallowing objects or pieces of objects are in trouble and need to provide emergency veterinary care.
  4. Fit the balconies and windows “anti-cat” special mesh, or other reliable devices, allowing you to save the life of a cat, a bird fascinated by flying outside the window.
  5. Get used to isolate the trash, because a curious kitten, will find a way to play even with the rubbish.

Kitten`s equipment

 kitten care
The second stage of your actions must include the content required for package kitten equipment, namely:

  1. Basins for feed and food. A bowl should be large size and target water, the second smaller one – to eat. The best option is to buy a heavy ceramic bowls. Buying cheap plastic bowls for cats disappoint you. Plastic bowls are mobile and easy to tend animals splashed water and throw the food situation in these bowls. In addition, the kitten may experience discomfort when eating, if the bowl is constantly moving out.
  2. Dressing Tray. The tray should be fairly large and deep, so that would be filler poured into the tray does not scatter in different directions when the kitten will dig it.

The first thing done by people who have just purchased a kitten, sit around the animal, watching his every move, often stroking a kitten, take him in his arms. Please be a little patient. Explain to the children and the family that the kitten must be given the freedom and relaxation. Play with the animal only when the kitten that he wants to let the kitten sleep and do not frighten too much attention. Pay special attention to children. Often, children unwittingly, tortured animal, constantly dragging on the hands, annoying kitten, preventing him from sleeping and eating. Teach children how for newborn kitten care, stop attempts to interfere with the kitten to explore the apartment, sleep, and eat. It is better if the first time, children will play with a kitten only under adult supervision.

Cohabitation with other pets

 kitten care
If in your home lives a dog, then gradually get acquainted with her kitten, the first acquaintance with kitten dog should be kept on a leash. Just be careful when meeting with kitty cats contained in the apartment. A little trick: the process of getting used to each other two animals (cat kitten newcomer to the old-timer), will be faster if you mix smells of cats. This can be done gently rubbing a soft cloth on the front part of the head of both cats. The pieces of matter with the smell of cats lay on a basket sleeping cat. So the animals quickly get used to each other.

Following the acquisition of a kitten, it is desirable to show it to the veterinarian. You can bring the kitten to the hospital or call the veterinarian at the house. Call a veterinarian at home is preferable because when you call the vet at home, you can be sure that the kitten did not catch a dangerous infectious disease, while in the veterinary clinic. The hygienic care of a kitten includes: cleaning ears, cleaning eyes, trimming claws, grooming, bathing.
 kitten care
Cleaning the ears need a healthy cat is not more than once a month, or when the cluster a large number of selections. When cleaning the ears must be very carefully apply a small amount of a special lotion for cleaning the ears of kittens, kitten in the ear, then gently massage the outside of the ear of the animal, remove the gauze excess lotion and emissions. Clean the animal’s eyes; you can use a special lotion for cleaning the eye. To clean the area around the eyes and eyelids can be gently used gauze.

Changing meal

 kitten care
Sometimes kittens in the nasal corner of a small amount of secretions. They are easily removed by using a piece of gauze soaked in warm water. If your cat sneezes, breathes heavily, or if you notice too large nasal kitten, call your veterinarian. By the third week of the kitten start to appear a little milk teeth, which are gradually replaced by constant since the fourth month of life kitten. Unfortunately, sometimes cats teeth tartar is formed, which subsequently must be removed under general anesthesia.

Bathe your kitten should be in the case of contamination. Before you start swimming, it is desirable to teach a kitten to water. This can be done as follows: take a sponge or a cloth, moisten the sponge (cloth), and lightly moisten the animal’s coat. If the kitten was frightened – his calm and keep trying to wet the kitten on the same day. If you decide to transfer the kitten to a new diet, this should be done gradually over a week, mixing previous diet with the new and increasing the percentage of new diet every 2 days. So on the seventh day, the kitten will be to propose a new diet without the use of old.

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