How to take care of a cat


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adult cat care

How to take care of a cat? Perhaps the man she loved and became useful and she bound him with his fate. Other animals succumbed to the influence of man and changed frequently, living together with a man. But the cat, becoming companion of man forever remains an independent, willful almost half-wild. Quickly adjusting to its owner, the cat does not lose independence. Apparently this feature is the cat type.

Cats are more likely to keep the animals in the house. As it was close to the man? The communication with the cat attracts the most people? The history of domestication, behaviors, traits and conducted several experiments. The main stages of care for adult cats – they are not much, but it is washing, eating, grooming and nail. Any cat owner can fall into confusion at the sight of the existing range of feed stores. All people, from small private companies to large world-famous corporation’s claim that they managed to create a food that meets all the needs of the cat’s body.

Meal for the cat

adult cat care

If your cat has a sensitive stomach or you have previously fed her to any one kind of food, changes in diet should not be too harsh. Within a few days the new shunt food in a familiar, not a cat refused to eat food with a strange taste. If the cat’s diet will include multiple feeds from different manufacturers, you do not have to panic if you suddenly stop the usual food production, or it will disappear from the shelves of your local supermarket. If your cat vet appoints a special diet, follow the instructions strictly.

You need to know exactly why and how long the cat should be fed in such a way. I have repeatedly pointed out that the owners really do not understand why the vet told them to feed the cat a particular food. Accordingly, such owners are not aware of, and are how much risk they are, disregarding the instructions of the doctor. If your cat has kidney problems, a dessert in the form of a piece of ham and bacon does not improve the condition of her health.

If you remove an already open jar from the refrigerator, leave it for a while on the kitchen table, to feed warmed to room temperature. Chilled food harmful to cats stomach and, furthermore, it may not like. Always close the jar tightly. Keep open the bank no more than two or three days. Some believe that a poor host, who does not buy your cat the best, namely, the so-called tiny jars of gourmet food. Nobody argues that cats really like the taste of the food, but it does not follow that it is more balanced in its composition than normal. The main thing in it – it tastes. To ensure their cats a balanced diet, I buy food manufacturers who are focusing on the composition of nutrients in the feed.

Caring for the ears and claws

adult cat care

Each cat has a problem with his ears, even this is a purebred cat. If the inner part of the ear looks inflamed and kitten sensitive to touch or ear unpleasant smell, kitten also needs to show the vet. In this case, it is not necessary to clean the ear; a veterinarian will decide what to do. Attempts to clean the inflamed or painful ear will cause it to become even more sensitive. If a cat’s ears look healthy, but they accumulated sulfur or small dirt, the following simple instructions, you can easily clean the ears of your pet at home.

It is best to cut the claws of a cat at the beginning of the session of grooming. This way you will be less likely to be scratched. Grooming in domestic animals and particularly cats – it is hygienic procedures such as washing, bathing, cleaning, trimming claws, etc. The cat will feel calmer, if you will press it to the body, pat. If the cat escapes, you can wrap it in a towel. That hand, which supports the cat, takes her foot and gently press down to show claws. Place your thumb on top of foot and the other fingers underneath. So you will be easier to just press on it.

Cut only the tip of which is dead cuticle. If the cat’s claws are bright, then, looking more closely, you will see where the flask begins. If you will touch it accidentally, the claw begins to bleed, and the cat will be hurt. If a black claw, then you can see the vial is not, so do not cut off the tip above the place where the nail begins to call it a day. If you are not sure about how to do this, ask your veterinarian to show up any place you can safely trim nails cat. Do not forget to trim the claws on the front dewclaws paws. They look like miniature human thumbs.

Washing an adult cat

adult cat care

Some long-haired cats need to bathe often, because otherwise their hair looks greasy. Shorthair bath is required only occasionally, for example, if the coat condition for some reason, worsen or cat gets dirty. Cleaning can be a easy procedure and exhausting battle, where you will get wet more than a cat which, having broken shower curtain, flee to the other end of the apartment. Try to make cleaning easy procedure. It is better for you and for your cat, and bathroom, and furniture, and for your relationship with the husband.

What is needed for washing the cat:
• Shampoo for cats;
• Balsam-conditioner (for long-haired cats);
• Some towels,
• Absorbs moisture;
• Cotton balls;
• Brush;
• Rubber mat for the bath;
• Shower head;
• Washcloth;
• Hair dryer.


Buy a shampoo specifically for cats. When it is selected, consider the individual characteristics of your cat. Today you can buy shampoo with lightening effect for oily hair and so on. D. Even if you do not plan to regularly wash your cat, let you always have on hand will be a shampoo, just in case. For long-haired cats also need the balm-conditioner to hair easier to comb. You must also be a shower nozzle for crane, washcloth and some towels. If you have a very powerful and noisy hair, I recommend buying a small and quieting especially for cats, or use noiseless heater blowing warm air.

If your cat can not stand swimming, or cannot take a bath for health reasons, you can resort to so-called dry baths. For example, has for many years sold in stores specialized powders. There is also foam, which I personally like more. Although no powders, no foam on the effectiveness can be compared with private bathroom; it is a good alternative in the event that the cat does not wash himself.

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