How to get rid of fleas on cats?


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cat fleas

Fleas are wingless jumping insect detachment, of which there are 1,000 species. The size of the solid, smooth, compressed with the sides of the body is less than 0.3 cm (about this photo shows us the fleas). The entire body is covered with bristles, and cephalothorax – crests of the broad teeth. And it is very important to know how to get rid of fleas on cats.

Legs in a feline, human and earth fleas are so strong, that allow them to jump the distance, 200 times the size of his own body. These characteristics, which we can see in the photo of fleas, indicates an excellent adaptation to the ectoparasitic active lifestyle in warm-blooded hosts cover or else in their nests (so live, for example, fleas in cats). Frequently, fleas can be found in the animals that nourish their offspring in the space provided.

Flea bites are not so frequent – these insects eat no more than once per day. After the cat flea, or human blood will get drunk, they jump, and therefore very common fact of insect migration from one individual to another. If the cat flea torturing an animal several times during the day, it means that it has repeatedly disturbed, making it difficult to complete the act of bloodsucking.

Therefore, your pet may gain fleas in several ways.

  1. To bring fleas in the street myself. Just one insect that starts the infection cycle. Fleas multiply very fast and active. Eggs cat fleas can fall on the carpet, bedding or furniture. Grown up to a certain age, new Fleas are looking for a host. They can be for some time, and the person who will carry them itself to a cat or a cat.
  2. Kittens are most often infected by cats-mom. This takes into account the fact that the kittens will be far more insects than the adult animal.
  3. Carrier’s fleas and rodents can be where your furry pets like to hunt. Whichever way bloodsuckers or hit your Kitten or cat, it is crucial to identify them and start fighting.

The symptoms of the appearance of fleas

cat fleas

At first, the parasitic insects do not manifest itself. But as the population of the colony bloodsuckers, symptoms appear, to which the owner of an animal cannot pay attention.

• A strong concern of the cat because of the increasing itch.
• Cat or cat constantly itchy, sometimes you can even see how they penetrate into the hair. On the animal skin appear combed places that are almost not healing.
• If you push the hair on the neck or abdomen, it is possible to detect tiny black grains – feces of fleas. In advanced cases, thinning hair can develop fistulas or abscesses, allergic dermatitis.

The reasons for declaring relentless war bloodsuckers more than enough. And no matter which way the cat’s fleas got into your house and you’re pet. The sooner you identify their presence and begin to fight with them, the faster will achieve the long-awaited result and bring relief to your pet. The reasons for declaring relentless war bloodsuckers more than enough. And no matter which way the cat’s fleas got into your house and you’re pet. The sooner you identify their presence and begin to fight with them, the faster will achieve the long-awaited result and bring relief to your pet. Bites appear as red spots with swelling around and in the center of each of these spots you can see the red dot. Cat fleas deliver a lot of trouble and their immediate media. If time does not deal with parasites, they can cause significant harm to health.

• Fleas in cats cause a lot of problems of its activity. One of them – the constant scratching and biting skin irritation.
• The animal becomes restless and irritable.
• With a large number of the cat flea’s animal begins to thin and weaken. Combing wounds torn out pieces of wool, so that in some cases developing dermatitis.

Home remedies for fleas

cat fleas

On one cat can live up to 200 parasites? The female flea lays up to 400 eggs every day and more than 2,000 of their lives. In animals infected with fleas, periodically appears anxiety over severe itching of the skin: the flea saliva that gets into the wound, causing allergic reactions. Cats try to catch insect’s teeth. In addition, animal skin comb, and on it there abrasions, scratches, dermatitis occurs. Hair fall out and fall down.

Kittens are affected by fleas stronger and carry the disease worse. They develop anemia, they lose weight. If fleas are so many, often come the death of animals. Very effective against parasites is different insecticidal shampoos – the best home remedies for fleas on cats. But before you purchase a similar shampoo, make sure that it is designed specifically for cats, and just follow the instructions. Inconvenience use shampoo that cat can resist washing. They are also used special soap or foam.
cat fleas

A piece of cotton cloth to soap, and then rub them the cat. It is impossible to lather muzzle cat, especially the eyes, nose and ears, even if the animal is comfortable with the soap! Special powder should be used very carefully, trying to scatter her deep into the cat’s fur, close to the skin. As with other methods to control fleas, all the requirements of the instructions for use should be thoroughly perform.

For the destruction of fleas can be used sprayers. Taking the cat firmly but gently by the scruff, spray for two or three seconds: first along the back, and then along the belly. There is no need to handle every centimeter of fur – two quick spray completely destroy fleas. If the treatment is carried out in the cat house, do not do it in those areas where there are food and water or an aquarium with fish. Next should be treated with the appropriate composition carpet edges, especially near any heat sources, sofas chairs and beds on which a cat is sitting or lying down.


They are safer for the cat, but for fleas, too, because it does not kill them, but only a scare. One such tool is wormwood. Dried crushed leaves of this plant can be rubbed into the cat’s fur, and then thoroughly brush to clean them. Cotton bags with dried leaves of wormwood can be put in the cat’s bed. Now you know how to kill fleas on cats.

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