Hairless cat breeds


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Hairless cat breeds

Hairless cat breeds is very unusual and is still unusual for us. Her appearance is shocking rejection or puzzled, or delights. One thing is certain: it is not indifferent to the left one! Happy owners of these exotic cats say that life is divided into two periods: before and after his appearance in the house. How did they win the hearts of their masters? Let’s try to understand. Also consider what is the care for these exotic pets – whether it is so complicated, as it seems at first glance.

Hairless cat breeds list

Despite the fact that there is no cat breed is one of the defining characteristics of the cat – wool, do not let yourself confuse. From this baby hairless cat out very lovely, affectionate and loyal pets. They love to be the center of attention and often require it from human or other animal. Keep in mind that children often do not want to have a bald cat, feeling that they cannot communicate and hugging him so as with most other breeds.

Hairless cat care

Hairless cat breeds
The taste and color, as we know, no friends. One like the hairless cats, other important pet color, others – just like … not for looks. Some owners feed a particular fondness is for pussies. It can be both expensive pedigreed cats and simple cats, who happened to inherit a long, dense fur of some of their ancestors. Holders of fluffy coats require special and very attentive care. This is due primarily to the fact that all cats, and especially long-haired, very often licks. Due to the rough tongue, they swallow large amounts of fallen hair.

Wise nature has taken care of their children. Therefore, the cat has a security mechanism against the accumulation of clumps of hair in the stomach. He is well known to all of us – cats regurgitate these lumps. But sometimes, for example, during the period of seasonal molting, the animal’s body cannot cope with too much swallowed when licking wool. In such cases, there may be serious problems with the normal operation of the digestive system. In order to help your furry pet to avoid such problems and to preserve his health, there are two ways that need to be combined to enhance their effectiveness.

First of all – regular combing. The more you fallen wool get off of fluffy coat, the less it will get itself a cat when licking. This is especially important during molting when the cat with no hair can swallow very large quantity. At such times, you need to comb your pet daily, preferably twice a day as long as you see that the comb Slicker almost no hair.

The skin of hairless cats is very sensitive, it needs careful care. A special feature is the skin of hairless breeds sweating, and sweating intensity may be different for different cats. Sweat glands located in the skin secrete a special secret, an excess which gives the skin an untidy appearance and stale. Moreover, the secret, upon contact with light fabrics – clothing or bed linen – brownish leaves a trace. Also, your cat may appear a characteristic odor, which can infiltrate the surface in places, favorite your pet where it happens most frequently, such as sleeping.

Hairless cat breeds

With this very easy to handle – periodically clean the skin enough cat: wipe with a damp sponge or cloth. Attention! Skin bald cat tender, therefore forbidden to use in the process of cleaning solutions containing alcohol. The solutions based on alcohol can burn the delicate skin of your pet. Part of the skin care naked cats is a periodic bathing. How often to bathe your pick, depending on the pet’s skin contamination, however, it is not recommended to do at least once in a week or two. The hottest time of year is to increase the frequency of bathing, water treatment not less frequently than once a week.

To bathe your skinless cat, type in the usual bath or a large basin of water temperature of 36-38° C. Water level in the cat’s chest, can be a little bit less. At the bottom, it is recommended to lay a rubber mat or towel, to cat paws slipping. Regular baby shampoo perfectly fulfills the role of detergent. Before applying, moisten the skin of pet avoid while pouring under pressure from the shower head, hairless cats it causes discomfort. Carefully pour it with water from the bucket or palms. After wetting the skin, gently lather the cat shampoo, then the most contaminated sites clean with a soft washcloth or sponge. After cleaning, rinse the pet and wrap in a towel.

Hairless cat breeds

Hold in a towel to dry, it is a good time for other treatments – such as ear cleaning or nail cutting. Some cats love to swim so that they are happy to splash around in the bathroom and even dive. If your cat is showing an increased interest in bathing, pledge during water treatment ears cotton balls to prevent water from getting inside. Sometimes hostility and complete water treatment, in this case, swimming may be replaced by rubbing a wet swab dipped in baby lotion without alcohol.

The most striking feature of the care of the animal is naked thermal control mode. Due to natural reasons for the bald rocks are easily subjected to hypothermia. If this happens to your pet often – the reaction will be the appearance of fine wool cover. In addition to the chance appearance of the coat hypothermia fraught with frequent colds, weakened immune system, or in the worst case, your pet pneumonia.

Hairless cat breeds

Make sure to place your pet in residence, for example, your apartment, it was warm, and there was no draft. Provide constant cat warm place to sleep. The new kitten in the house will suit the usual cardboard box, installed near the warm battery, or a basket with a heater. In pet stores sell special houses, with all sorts of couches. In the cold season, or on walks, many owners use special clothes for cats. If other breeds it performs only a decorative role, then it’s clothing for the season – is the norm.

Cat without hair loves the warmth and bask in the sun, however, for the hairless breeds prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is harmful to your pet’s health. Also after sunbathing tan cat – changing skin tone becomes darker and saturated. Accordingly, they may burn in the sun, people. Because watch the amount of time your cat spends in the sun. Hairless cats have no eyelashes, which are a natural eye protection, so the eye care needs attention.

In the eyes can form brown or clear discharge, it is natural and normal. For cleaning soak in warm boiled water a cotton swab and wipe the pet’s eyes, gently removing any selection. In addition to water, you can use a decoction of chamomile tea brew, solution or special funds for the care of the eyes of cats. If you notice that the color selection is not transparent or brown, and white or yellowish purulent or watery eyes constantly – a simple wipe will not help, these are signs of infection, you should consult your veterinarian doctor.

The specific feature of no hair cat – big ears. Due to rapid metabolism and high body temperature of cat’s ears soiled relatively quickly. Ear cleaning needs to be done once for one – two weeks. It is convenient to combine the time of cleaning the ears with time cat bathing as pet dries in a blanket, you can quickly and comfortably to clean ears. Take a clean cotton swab and gently clean the ear cat shallow shells. Take care not to penetrate too deeply cleansing process so you can trigger unpleasant inflammation. After cleaning rods to be treated ears antiseptic powder.

Hairless cat breeds

Incorrect care there is a risk of formation of dental plaque and tartar. Therefore, carefully inspect periodically the mouth of your cat if you notice plaque – it should clean the toothbrush. You can use plain gauze soaked in baking soda and salt solution (one teaspoon per cup of warm water). The normal state of the mouth of the cat – pale pink gums and normal smell, with no trace of inflammation or unpleasant odor.

There is specialized food, cleaning the mouth while eating. Traditionally help clean your teeth boiled chicken necks. However, we recommend not relying only on food, inspection and cleaning cat teeth – it’s quick and easy and allows for healthy teeth your cute hairless cats for years to come. Instincts call your naked cat to keep their claws sharp and sharpened. For these purposes special scratching posts available various shapes and hardness. For these purposes, may come and the usual stump or a piece of wood. You will need to pick up something for your cat that will please him most.

To accustom the cat to the scratching post should be monitored for the pet, and at the first attempt to start sharpening claws to attribute it to the kittens. It helps draw attention to the kittens a few drops of catnip or valerian, previously sprinkled on the scratching post. In veterinary clinics have procedures declawing – strongly recommend this abuse on animals. It is painful and can lead to infection of paws. Some owners periodically trimmed nails of their pets. If you have decided that too will do this, for the first time we recommend that you contact your veterinarian for training, because you can damage your pet paws.

For shearing claws can use regular scissors, special parts, manicure scissors or sharp tweezers. There are special scissors that cut the nail without damage to the sensitive area pads. First, you need to press gently on the cat’s paw, or a single finger. Then, carefully cut off the transparent part of the tip of the claw. We must be very careful not to hurt nail portion containing blood vessels and nerve endings. If you have damaged claw, soak cotton in alcohol and apply to the wound to stop bleeding.

Hairless cat breeds

We recommend at first not try to cut the nail completely, take less, leaving claw slightly larger. Thus, you get the experience and not harm your pet. In all cats, there are special sebaceous glands located on the outer side of the tail. If they are under normal cats` wool, rock in nude naturally not. Regularly wipe the outside of the tail degreaser. Do not use alcohol-based tools in order to avoid burns.

Cat with no fur in food is not capricious and not finicky, but they love to eat a lot and often. The main reason gluttony is accelerated metabolism caused by increased body temperature. As for the rest, in spite of the exotic breed, healthy eating rules are consistent with the general recommendations to any other breed. The key to healthy eating is balance in the diet. Vegetable and animal proteins as little carbohydrate, moderate amounts of fat. Excess fat in the diet can lead to the isolation of a brown sebum.

Keep in mind that cats almost do not chew food, and immediately grab and swallow pieces. Ensure that food had no lumps. If necessary, further grind food. Pick a high-end food: super-premium and premium. Canned and dry food are acceptable, however, we recommend natural food: boiled or stewed, without seasoning and salt. Among cats often come across gourmets who like the unusual dishes for cats, for example, olives, cucumbers, grapes. Learn more about what you can and cannot eat cats.

If you give your hairless cat any new food, you should do it gradually, carefully monitor the condition of the pet. Suspicious symptoms may be changes in stool (liquid – bad) or the occurrence of an allergic rash. If you see suspicious symptoms, probably this kind of new food from the diet should be deleted. Follow these simple steps to care for your cat, and he many years will delight you with affection and love.

History of hairless breed

Hairless cat breeds
Hairless cats are justly considered aliens in the cat world. Their beauty is definitely unearthly nature, and not everyone is able to see it and appreciate it. But in reality, they are – no ordinary cat without fur. He has only one characteristic of his harmony, which manifests itself in soft shapes, rounded shape, eye shape, put your ears. How does having such radically different from their relatives being?

The very first hairless cat breeds appeared in India. More precisely, in this country, there was the first mention of them. Later hairless animals found in Canada, America, and France. A detailed description of this species given writer Francis Simpson in the early twentieth century. In his book, he writes that the first bald cat family representatives were purchased in Mexico, the Indians, the latter individual unique Aztec breed. It was cat and hairless kitten, brother and sister.

The new owner has decided not to breed animals together. Soon, the cat died, and the breed was lost. But we kept the description of these wonderful cats that largely resembled the modern Sphinx bald. In a letter to his friend, the owner told me that pussy is incredibly intelligent, kind and affectionate. Animals with pleasure bathed in warm water and were very attached to the little daughter of the owner.

Much later known selenologist Mellen express assumption that the first Mexican hairless cats were descendants of South American animals, described further in 1830. According to the scientist, the usual domestic furless cats brought to Paraguay from European countries, have lost the coat due to climate change. The first breed, which received a worldwide distribution, has become modern sphinxes. Breeders gave the name unusual animals because of their external similarity to ancient Egyptian mythical creature. Within a short time, hairless cats have become very popular. To date, there are three known species: Canadian, Don and St. Petersburg Sphinx (Peterbalds).

Hairless cat character

Hairless cat breeds
They are looking for people’s attention and follow them everywhere, wagging tail with joy and humming from pleasure to be with someone. Despite their alien appearance, they are the real cat who “themselves in mind.” If you have lost your cat, check the top of your home, you may find your pet from somewhere gazing at you from above. Hide and seek is their favorite game and you take part in it. Hairless cats are very good command of his bare feet with long fingers, grasping small objects.

They are very curious; they crowded anywhere and turned over everything in the world to satisfy their curiosity. Cats have strong personalities and do not cope well if left alone at home for the whole day. If your pet is not bald is happy is good from this will not be anyone. You guessed it that bald cats are very affectionate.

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