Fluffy cat breeds


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Fluffy cat breeds

Shaggy, long-haired cats – no doubt adorable creatures. Their fur is – not only a source of pride but also a source of endless trouble for the owners. Cats and kittens cannot help but admire and not to cause emotion – because they are so cute, cozy, tender (sometimes). A fluffy cat – is generally a separate conversation: they are soft, which does resemble living toys that and wants to constantly squeeze, cuddle and carry them in his hands. Even looking at big fluffy cats – that in itself is a pleasure. What makes a fluffy cat breeds such amazing?

Fluffy cat breeds list

According to legend, this cat has been designed to overcome the devil mouse gnaws a hole in Noah’s ark, to sink it. Valorous cat adequately coped with the mission and saved the ship, for which he was rewarded with divine marks. Breed furry animals formed naturally in the harsh conditions of the region adjacent to the Lake Van. And although the long-haired charmer in the past happened repeatedly exposed to Europe, but the development of the breed began only in the 60-ies of XX century. Two Englishwomen, fascinated by the extraordinary appearance of Turkish women, managed to take a few copies of the animals to their homeland, where a new breed of fans and engaged in their cultivation.

Colors of fluffy cats

Luxury and the fluffiest cat breed – is a source of pride. Although breeders bred hairless cat, the beauty of which is not fluffy, but in the graceful lines of the body. Many people prefer to start a fluffy tailed humming. Fluffy the cat resemble plush toys, such as a lovely, cozy and delicate. Although some members of the furry brothers differ wayward character, it does not make them less desirable pets. True fans of cats do not stop the increased shaggy these lovely purring. After all, for a luxurious fur requires proper care. But fluffy cats delight their owner’s luxurious fur and impeccable aristocratic appearance.

Fluffy white cat

Fluffy cat breeds

White – the color of the cult, associated with a new beginning, innocence and purity. Ancient Assyrians, who wrote in the dream books about what dreaming white cat, referred to the good news, progress in the affairs or the reconciliation of old enemies. Snow beauties prefer a neat and organized people, a white pet cat fluffy tail in the house symbol of comfort and measured. But these cats have a variety of features, which should know before buying a kitten.

Genetics – a complicated thing is not always predictable, and incredibly interesting. Until the end, it is not clear how, but the genes responsible for the color, and affects the behavior of cats. Features white cat – tender affection for the owner, bordering on addiction. These affectionate pets, calm, appreciate the comfort, warmth, and tranquility. Of course, the breed white cats are different temper: the Persians several renounce household bustle and oriental day cannot do without people, air conditioned British lady, but prefer boring society gatherings in solitude.

Ethnologists believe that the white cat with different eyes often behave unpredictably, it is easy to temper justice with mercy and quickly switching from one object to another curious. It is a cat of mystery and surprise a cat. White Shorthair cat with blue eyes – affectionate “monkey”, ready to spend the entire day at the hands of a loved one. Green-eyed beauties are full of secrets – a sort of witch, seeing through all and not lose focus even mere trifles.

A special place among the white cats occupy the white cats with blue eyes: it is believed that they belong to the breed of the Deaf. In fact, these animals are often characterized by a timid character, as they are observed hearing loss. But not always, this means total deafness. In addition, scientists have shown that only 5% of white cats really are born deaf, and the other quite well hear their masters.

Fluffy black cat

Fluffy cat breeds

Black cat at all times occupied a special position among the cats of other colors. Her and appreciated (as inconspicuous nocturnal hunter), and persecuted (alleged relationship with the dark forces), and even used as a remedy for ailments. And now to the black cats remained ambiguous attitude among ordinary people. Of course they take only selenologists for which the black – it is a basic color.

Cats with black hair found in all rocks fluffy. Bred by crossing, short hair, easy to care for. Black color occurs in short-haired and long-haired Britons, from whom he is particularly deep and velvety. Persian cat’s fluffy black fur glistens and shimmers due to the different length hair and undercoat. In a traditional breed of black cats and enabled Burmese breed that was originally permitted only black color, and because of the similarity with sable fur sable color is called. We breed oriental shorthair black hair is short, iridescent, called – ebony. But you can choose fluffy cat names of your favorite one.

Fluffy grey cat

Fluffy cat breeds

Gray cats have the same healing and magical powers, like black cats. Moreover, their ability to completely extraordinary. Only the gray cat is able to bring serenity and harmony in the home. How did it get – one knows the Creator has endowed her so much talent. And gray cat helps women in the “interesting” position, the normalizing process of pregnancy. In short, the healing ability of the gray cat is very even “have a place to be …”

And gray cats are popular because they protect the comfort and peace at home. And the peace of the owners themselves. If waking up in the morning, you will see sleeping in your legs gray cat, which means that she took from you tonight some danger or warns you at this time of trouble that can happen during the day. Generally, if the gray cat is not calm, torn from corner to corner and begins to scratch the furniture and wallpaper to tear up that she did not particularly characteristic, particularly in adulthood, it must be regarded as a warning of impending trouble.

As a rule, cats that have silver color gene referred to as species with a beautiful name agouti. This gene allows for the appearance of the figure, as exemplified by the familiar gray striped cat. Also, this species may refer cat color “silver tabby” – picture is on a completely white background, and every hair color is divided into several areas – from the light to dark and gray tones, gray and white cat is also found. Its color may refer to this species of gray color as shaded (gray hairs only at 1/3, and the rest – white) or shaded (gray hairs painted on 1/8 part).

Fluffy orange cat

Fluffy cat breeds

In psychology, orange is considered the most positive – it is the color of optimism and joy. Red color, bright and warm, like no other is decorated with a cat or a cat. This color of the sun at sunrise or sunset, the color of fire, autumn leaves, gold. Red cat, bright as a flame – a cat-sun, the personification of the burning hearth, warmth and comfort. As optimism and a positive attitude works wonders (you and this doctor has confirmed), ginger cats as carriers of positive – great healers, they are especially useful in patients recovering from a serious illness or surgery, high blood pressure and with heart disease and pressure, people suffering from a migraine.

Fluffy calico cat

Fluffy cat breeds

Spotted pattern on the skin is a disguise in wild animals. It helps them to sneak up on the extraction or watch for it, sitting in an ambush. Domestic cats have similar coloring, have among their ancestors of these wild cats, which differed good health and stable psyche. All this is passed on genetically and their descendants. Spotted color cats suggest that these animals are very easy to adapt to new conditions, they are unpretentious and, therefore, will be an excellent option for people who, due to employment may not have much time to devote to your pet.

Fluffy cat care

Fluffy cat breeds

No matter to which it relates will rock your longhair, friend, you are a very early childhood; it certainly should accustom him to almost daily and thorough combing. Wool itself all, without exception, long-haired cats necessarily requires the most careful of your attention and, quite naturally, without almost daily and performed carefully combing is not a very nice feature – it quickly falls in the already totally combed tangles. It is therefore absolutely necessary to carefully comb your pet’s coat, at least, not less than three times a week.

To our great regret, sometimes even regular brushing does not completely save us from periodical appearance of tangles of your pet’s coat. And what do you need to take if your mats on the animal’s coat are still there? In no event should not be watering them better care divide comb or your fingers, if necessary, very carefully cutting has already succeeded awry your pet’s coat. It is known that the skin of all breeds of cats is quite thin, which is why you, when cutting mats, the best should try to put the comb between the skin of your pet and scissors. There are even special arrangements for the timely and safe removal of mats of wool, and it is possible and in time to seek help from professionals, veterinarians, if you do not want, or if you have absolutely no time to do it themselves.

In the event that your furry pet is much polluted his long fur, and he cannot own it cleaned, then, of course, it is absolutely necessary to carefully, trying not to frighten – gently bathe, using this interesting procedure only special shampoo for cats. These special shampoos and are intended to relieve your furry pet from all the parasites. Bathing becomes necessary for those furry friends who have the honor to participate in the special exhibitions of cats and kittens. Never forget to take care of long-haired darling of your family, and he will repay his faithful and sincere love. To coat the surplus did not stay in the body of a cat; you need to give her food containing coarse fibers or finely shredded vegetables. Just in pet animals, you can buy special food and deducing from organism cat hairballs.

If your pet is omnivorous, you can try to give him one tablespoon minced prunes or one teaspoon of olive oil. These tools also help to naturally bring the wool from animal intestines. In addition, try to play a little more with the animal – movement is useful not only for humans but also for his four-legged friends. But this advice applies no longer care for the animals, but rather the care of the owner’s belongings. All owners of furry animals know how difficult it is to remove the wool remaining on clothing or upholstery. To make your life easier, we can recommend removing hair by conventional wet wipes – this simple way fur of your pet can be removed quickly and easily.

Caring for cats ears

Care shorthair cat and taking care of the same long-haired require regular cleaning of the animal’s ears. Caring for cats ears made prior to or after washing using a swab dipped in alcohol or mineral oil. Remove dirt and sulfur is required only with the accessible portion of the ear, and climb into the ear canal for anything not worth it! And, of course, to a similar procedure as for the cats ears Care you have to get used to most 1st day of their lives in your home.

Caring for a cat muzzle

Strictly speaking, in the first place in this part – the cat eye care. What is needed is not so much a cat bathing as washing: if you do not wash its face every day, the animal may have wrinkles, which at high speed fester because of tears. Particularly relevant in this regard, care for the old cat, which is required regularly to remove the tears collected in the corners of his eyes.

For gums and teeth care

In addition to this procedure, as the cat eye care, it is imperative to take care of the teeth of the animal. In general, dental care cats – the competence of the veterinarian, but also from the hosts, much depends. Regularly inspect the teeth and jaws of the animal, to make sure that no wounds or broken teeth in the mouth. In addition, the cat proper care still requires regular cleaning of the teeth. Simply wrap gauze circle your finger and rub the gums and teeth, as well as the animal gets older, maybe already purchased special toothbrushes and toothpaste that will help you make the right dental care of cats.

Caring for nails

Care home cat certainly means cutting claws of the animal. Treating nails in cats is better to swim: just hold down the paw m/s from the index and close your fingers, pull the claws and carefully trim them with special scissors. In general, for cat claws, Care shall be carried out once every 2 weeks. (Kittens – once a week).

Caring for cats claws – a very delicate operation, for this reason, in the course of her would never yell at the animal and do not seek to hurt the skin, so as not to cause the cat pain.


Finally, there is one important step that requires any care for cats – cat bathing. Even if you do not show your darling in the exhibition, with the cat hair care is necessary, and it will need to bathe at least once a week. Using thus need special shampoos that are struggling with phenomena such as dandruff in cats, the invasion of the parasite or fungal diseases. The same care for cats involves mandatory care of the back of the animal. In the long-haired cats rear opening is often contaminated, and in addition, make sure the hind legs and tail (if any).

In general, whatever your cat care and maintenance of animals required before a whole serious attitude to them. However, no serious trouble the owner of these operations does not create. Just love your cat, and she will always feel great, giving you a special joy and cheerfulness.

History of fluffy breed

Fluffy cat breeds

According to one theory, fluffy cat appeared in Europe a long time, more than 400 years ago. There are indications that, while in the 12-year journey (for Eastern Europe, Persia, India), the famous Italian aristocrat noticed an unusual cat. This cat literally captivated him with his unusual views. Fluffy the cat was brought to Italy for breeding, but further information about her fate had been lost. Even a little later, the charming cat appeared in France, where they had brought from Ankara politician. Very soon the extraordinary Perce taught Cardinal de Richelieu, who was one of the first who started to breed this breed. These cats are particularly popular at the court of the King of France. After France, the cat appeared in the UK, which was the beginning of selective breeding Persians, the exterior of which is known to this day.

Fluffy cat character

Fluffy cat breeds

Character of fluffy cats characterized in that they are – only domestic cats. Affectionate, trusting and very quiet, they are not afraid of children (ideal breed for children) and behave like puppies, constantly following the master. This cat is very curious; he loves to explore new things, happy to play with anything. Some Persians love to sit on the shoulder of his master, but do not worry, they hide claws. Peace, submissive Persians – the dream of many cat lovers.

Feedback from those who were lucky enough to have a pet, only positive (negative – wool, constantly requiring care). Dimensions cats are not particularly different from other cat breeds standards. Adult medium sized cat reaches a weight of 7 kg. More usual cats, they look out for his long thick hair. Lifespan fluffy cat breeds on average from 10 to 15 years.

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