Exotic cat breeds


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Exotic cat breeds

Exotic cat breeds have appeared not so long ago, just 50 years ago, but have already managed to catch the fancy of the world! Soft plush fur seals cannot remain indifferent to absolutely anyone. And the unusual shape of the muzzle adds special charm breed. Exotic looks like a wild cat, a little terrifying, but they are completely domestic. Their habits and instincts are preserved from their ancestors – wild cat breeds that do not know what a family is.

Exotic cats live more than 15 years. Their intelligence is higher compared with other cats. They are resistant travel, travel, trips to the vet. For them, it is very important in close contact with their families, with the owner, especially tactile. If someone is ill, then these cats and cats are sure to be treated man with his energy. Exotic always feel close to the door of the house is the owner, greeted him at the door. Family instincts of exotic cats require special respect.

Tenderly and carefully animals are kittens, never touch the food intended for children. We even look exotic place or outdoor. Their voice is quiet. So annoying meow at home, they will not. They will not impose their company and too active. Teddy Exotic only lies down with the owner next door, sharing its aura of peace. Exotic appreciate the company of loved ones, it is very difficult to tolerate separation from them alone.

Exotic cat breeds list

Fluffy and bald, with large ears and no tails, with blue hair and tiger eye. Exotic breeds of cats sometimes affect a variety of types and colors of animals. For those who want to find you an unusual and interesting pet – a list of the most exotic species of cats:

Exotic cat care

Exotic cat breeds

Caring for animals is known as “grooming”. Regular, daily grooming is required for all breeds of cats. He is in the care of the eyes, claws, ears and maintaining the health of the skin. Exotics need to pay a little more attention than other breeds, but believe me, it’s worth it. The more those modern exotics have a harmonious structure of the head, which saves them and us a lot of trouble, this breed. To the cat always looked beautiful, she should be given a balanced diet. With proper nutrition number of problems with the hair and the eyes is significantly reduced. If you feed cats natural products, suggest their daily diet add 2-3 drops of the complex of vitamins A, C, E. Dry food usually contain sufficient amounts of these substances. To accustom a kitten to the grooming should be from 1.5 months of age, and in the future, you will be relieved of his bites and scratches.

Eye Cat Care:

Exotic eye (due to the structure of the skull) have a slightly convex shape, and therefore eyes require daily care to avoid any inflammatory processes. For eye care cat you will need:

  • A good absorbent soft cloth or paper towel to clean the eye (wool can irritate the cornea of the eye); now on sale there are special discs for processing eye.
  • Lotion eyewash, as well as you can use boiled warm waters.
  • Powder for eyes.
  • A special cotton swab or brush to apply powder.

Pay attention to the nails. Significant separation claws indicate a poor diet, and peeling at the base of the claw can be a sign of a fungal disease. We cut only the tip of the claw, as you can injure the claw portion, where the blood vessels and sensory nerves. All these operations are carried out, caressing a cat, talking to her. Here the violence is unacceptable.

Caring for cats ears

Cleaning the ears should be an integral part of grooming, as behind the ears care is needed to pass in the ear does not appear inflammation. Inspection and cleaning should be performed 1 time in 7-10 days, and as always after bathing the animal (if you wash less often than 1 time in 10 days).

To do this you will need:

  • Lotion for cleaning ears.
  • Antiseptic powder for the care of the ears.
  • Cotton pads.

Do not clean the ears with cotton buds. Everything is simple. Take lotion, moisten a cotton ball in it, fold it up into a tube and wipe the visible part of the ear. Then wipe dry with another cotton pad. Then take an antiseptic powder and from a distance of 2-3 cm slightly pours into the ear canal. Massage the ear. Powder save your pet from pollution, odor and itching and help to safely get rid of the hairs inside the ear canal. In a healthy state of sulfur from ear passage should be light, odorless. The skin in the eye should be pink, without scratching.

And the main thing – is about the wool

Wool – beauty and pride of Exotic (if any has), and the main concern of his master. The basic grooming is reduced to its constant scratching and systematic wash. Some breeders are advised to comb your cat every day and wash once in 6 months. Other general cat does not scratch but wash it once a week. Compared with other cats Exotic are easier to grooming. However, they require more time than the other short-haired breeds of cats, because they have the same amount of wool, but it is shorter. Just like other breeds of cats, exotics owners’ dense undercoat. Combing exotic cat needs a special comb of good steel, two times a week to avoid tangling.

Breeders recommend washing exotics once a month. Exotics face every day is recommended to wipe with a damp cloth. The tear tracks you can try to remove specially designed for this means. It should be borne in mind that each individual cat. This description is typical of the breed as a whole and does not always coincide with the characteristics of particular cats of this breed!

The lack of fur affects the behavior of these unique creatures. For example, hairless cats eat a lot, because they greatly speed up the metabolism, allowing you to maintain a high body temperature. These cats are often cold, so like to sleep under a blanket with a favorite host, and in the cold time of the year need to dress warmly and batteries. Incidentally, the battery itself or fireplace will have something close or the love of your pet to the heat source over burns on his body. Delicate and sensitive skin of hairless cats also needs protection. It burns easily in the sun, so in the summer you need to make sure that the cat is always in the shade. Regularly wipe the skin of your pet baby wipes, paying particular attention to the folds. Great fun, too, have to clean the ears, otherwise, they quickly accumulate dirt.

History of exotic breed

Exotic cat breeds

Naked exotic cats have been known since ancient times. It is believed that their ancestors served in the temples of the ancient Aztecs, helping priests to receive the blessing of the gods. In 1903, the Mexican hairless cats have been described by Francis Simpson in his “Book of Cats.” Nellie and Dick – two cats without hair – came to a certain Mr. Shinnik of-the Aztec Indians. They were the last representatives of the so-called “Aztec breed”, brother and sister, so their new owner did not try to get their offspring.

Then reports began arriving naked exotics from around the world. Periodically unusual bald kittens are born in the most ordinary cats. So, in 1966, he was born kitten Prunes, who became the ancestor of the sphinx. Since felinologists knew nothing about hairless cats, the first time they made mistakes in their cultivation and maintenance. Gradually it has been accumulated enough knowledge about the features of these funny creatures, and themselves bald cats have become very popular among people.

Every domestic cat is able to become attached to their owners if felt them care and love. Yes, we know that these animals are less sacrificial towards humans than dogs, more self-centered and independent. But they are well aware of human speech, amenable to training and get along with other inhabitants of the house. Of course, the domestic cat is most often without pedigree that is not a distinct breed features and supports this document. But there are also quite famous cat breeds, and a number of owners are committed to the purity of lineage. And yet, the ancestor of them all was their ancient ancestors to be domesticated for many centuries ago.

As is known, the length of the fur gene is responsible “L” or rather its allelic state. Dominant allele “L” gives the normal “forest” short hair. His recessive allele “l” prolongs the hair growth, and homozygote’s “ll” converted into a fluffy cat beauty. Neither Longhair, including longhaired Exotics that is, having a homozygous state “ll”, “does not remember” genetically its short-haired ancestor. For short hair exotics are 2 states – heterozygous “Ll” and homozygous “LL”. If one of the parents is a long-haired, short-haired and the other exotic, all shorthair kittens will only be heterozygous. Most of today’s exotics in their pedigrees have the best Persian line and are heterozygous. We emphasize that only when knitting two shorthair exotics can be obtained homozygous Exotic.

In addition, as a rule, grandparents, too, should be short-haired. In this case, if both parents are heterozygous short-haired, then the probability of obtaining homozygous kittens with short hair is 25%. If one of the parents is homozygous and one is heterozygous, the probability of obtaining homozygous offspring increases to 75%.

Exotic and funny rock tradition captivates the imagination of myth and speculation. This is one of the smallest members of the family. Active and recognition of their breeding began only in the 70-ies of the last century. And today this species is protected by the authorities of the island of Singapore, and as its name says. So take out an animal is problematic. This breed is characterized by a friendly and calm disposition, not aggressive and feels the mood of their owners.

Popular breeds of exotic house cats are impossible to imagine without the British Shorthair. These cute animals today are not cheap, and the story of these wonderful creatures in the British Isles began several thousand years ago. Due to the similarity with teddy bears and sturdy body, they got their attractive appearance. Color these pets can be different, but all of them have in common – it is unusual large eyes, which may be green, gold, copper, orange and blue color. Their very name suggests the origin of the independent and slightly aristocratic character.

Exotic cat character

Exotic cat breeds

The characters in exotic cats are very different, though, of course, have exotic and common features. For the most part, they are unpretentious and gentle. Exotic do not insist that their person showed special attention. But they will be happy if you are awarded reward them look or a kind word. Invitation to the game Exotic usually takes willingly – not lazy. All of them interesting, everything is new and exciting. These plush researchers explore every nook and cranny in your house, put his nose into the most hidden towns. And can hide so that you do not find. In contrast to their relatives of Persian, Exotic much more mobile. Of course, it is not alien and that impressively aristocratic indolence, which is inherent to the Persians. Yet the world they perceive alive and happy to respond to everything that happens around them.

Many amazing stories tell about the surgeon’s abilities of these amazing animals. They are committed to the people is boundless, on guard and treat their ailments. Exotic – very sensitive creatures, they unmistakably feel the pain of others, both physical and mental. And try to help as best they can, to the best of my cat forces. That does not say, and the animals are warm-hearted people. Exotic differ as intelligence and wit. It would seem – floppy plush balls, but no, they are agile, nimble and trainable. And as in life – cats-men seek to administer in his career and sports, and a lot of women – education of children. Cats Mother themselves are very caring and feeding kittens almost five months. Adult cats are extremely protective of the man, they are not aggressive and do not hurt you never. Do not release the claws will not sizzle without reason – a cute, gentle and meek, they get along with anyone.

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