Cutest cat breeds


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Cutest cat breeds

What about the cutest cat breeds? Most often gentle and tender, graceful and independent. They have a tail, paws, whiskers, ears and so on, purr when they are good and hiss when they do not like something. However, it is the general description, but in reality the nature of each cat or cat, as well as human, is unique. Furthermore, feline representatives differ by species, each of which has any distinctive features. The main period of the emergence of new breeds of cats is nineteenth and twentieth century. Later, people noticed how interesting and unusual can be a cat and began to take part in their breeding. It’s hard to meet someone who would not love cats and cats. The independent nature, grace, and beauty, unpredictability, and purring. Well, unless it can not draw? Of course not.

Cutest cat breeds list

All these cutest breeds of cat are an unwritten list of cute and affectionate kittens. All because of their nature, size, behavior and attitude towards people.

How nice these fragile creatures! Even cat hatters cannot deny the tremendous grace and beauty of these animals. And what they are different! Visit any cat show, what you see is not there only! Here and huge Maine Coon, and the majestic Sphinx and funny Bobtail. But one of the most popular varieties of cutest cats can be called by right Munchkin. Pretty cute cat looks like a kitten. It is noteworthy that cute breed amazingly like little kittens, being even older cats. These cutest cats ever are known “child” expression faces and short, but thick legs. They are extremely playful and cheerful. Most likely, you will never have to see a bored kitten. Cats of this breed can easily find something to do, and besides, perfectly get on with children and other cats.

Somali cat
Selkirk Rex
La Perm
Singapura Cat
Selkirk reks
Exotic shorthair
American shorthair
american curl
Russian blue

For sweet cats are a few breeds from around the world. Of course, almost all of them are rare species, and most of them are a breeding species. Many animal welfare advocates opposed the development of new species due to the increase of dwarfism or any other exterior changes. True, the owners of cute cats do not consider their pets flawed and wrong. Quite the contrary! For owners of these prettiest cat breeds seem to be the best on earth.

Problems of cute cat breeds

Cutest cat breeds

As a result of numerous crosses cutest cat in the world received from their relatives various genetic advantages that help them create a strong immunity against diseases.

But still there are some precautions that should be followed if you decide to get cute cat breeds:

  • Do not interfere with the vet check-ups for a variety of minor injuries of muscles;
  • Many cute cats have problems with limbs (because of their small size and the disproportionate body with him);
  • Such cats are often in need of clothes for the walk, because of their short legs are frozen fast enough.

Despite the fact that many are sweet cats with some irony, calling them “freaks cat world”, this species is gaining more and more fans around the world. Buying a cat, you are guaranteed to get a reliable friend and faithful companion.

The character of cats

Cutest cat breeds

Cute cat breed – this is a very loving, lovely and peaceful creature. They are the most suitable for large family pets. They perfectly get on with children and are not aggressive. They are very careful and look like real “teddy bears”! Meek, balanced and affectionate pets at the same time does not appear detached and vividly react to the events occurring around them. They are not peculiar to the destructive tendencies, although there are breeds of kittens, playful and noisy. And most importantly, they are very sociable. They require constant attention, petting and talking. From this, it depends largely on their health and longevity.

Highlights in the care of cute cats:

  • Irrigate eyes regularly (“sick” place all the sweet hybrids).
  • Do not forget from time to time to shear off the tips of the claws pet and to ensure his access to the site for their sharpening.
  • Do not forget to regularly wash and comb the cat (especially during molting).
  • Wet hair can be dried hair dryer.
  • For a short velvety fur is best-suited scallop with medium teeth.
  • Do not feed the food to your table – only special balanced food and vitamins.

The most famous, pretty, exotic and cutest cat ever, who won millions of sympathy around the world – it’s Exotic Snoopy. His extraordinary plush fur and huge enormous eyes conquered the entire Internet.

Listing the most affectionate breeds of cats, certainly offend someone, “Why did not remember about the Kuriles? They are darling, the most tender! A Siamese called tender? Yes, they are the same scratch-cat, what to look for!” But how can you judge the nation as a whole, having communicated with only a small part of its members? The nature of the breed – it is the general character of the plurality of individuals of the cat, but the person may be different from each other as fire and ice.

Best cute cat – is a cat of any breed and purebred purred cats without ancestors in the animal with a shattered psyche, growing up in the beautiful environment of love and attention of the owner. How is it that some breeds generally sociable and trusting others? The thing is, of course, in a meaningful consolidation of certain qualities: some breeders are increasingly focusing on the type of wool and other selected manufacturers, putting in the first place character. And, of course, to bring the most kind and gentle breed of cats – the problem is not all breeders. For example, most cute kitties plush Britons do not differ affectionately.

Attitude to life

Cutest cat breeds

Description of this species, as well as her character perfectly represented by “the eyes of his owners and breeder” (responses that will impress). Consider its main features and characteristics of the character. These cats have inherited almost nothing from its US parent and, oddly enough, in their nature present similarities to the second ancestor. The voice of quiet and calm, like themselves, is heard only by several moments (when kitty wants something). The expression of the faces “plush Kitties” is extraordinarily charming, making a pet for children.

They are quiet and patient pets, with a rather calm character. They are very clever, different cheerfulness, active and quite aggressive. These really cute cats are easy to get along, both with children and with animals. Their devotion is no limit; they suffer from loneliness and love attention to their person. These cats are ready to travel with their owners as too attached to him. Therefore, if you will have a pet in the house, try to respect his affection for you and appreciate his love; do not leave with strangers (if you intend to move).

Try to give love sweet creation and giving more attention, as it is – a basic condition of life (loneliness, they get depressed and die much sooner). Cute cat breeds are sturdy and strong animals with a strong muscular body. They have a short neck, straight back, well-developed chest and massive shoulders and hips. The paws are short and powerful have a rounded shape. The tail is slightly thickened at the base and ends with a rounded tip. Large rounded head with a broad skull and approaching the clear terms of muzzle characterized by classical style cute breed.

Cats must be in the head lines or spots – filled with characteristic cheek. Straight nose has a slight indentation at the base; he is short and wide enough. Big round eyes have very expressive eyes open. The distance between the eyes is equal to their width. Eye color can range from yellow to bright orange.

How to choose a kitten?

Cutest cat breeds

The kitten should be moderately plump, shiny fur and nose wet and unheated. Much can be learned about a small pet considered the mother and father, including eye color, coat structure, and so on. It is necessary to pay attention to the correct occlusion. The incisors of the lower and upper jaw must be exactly the same, forming a scissor bite. It is necessary to examine the tail; it should be smooth and have no creases and no nodular formations.

It should also touch and nose, a jumper line from the nose to the forehead should be flat and smooth, do not have a stop. The nose should also be straight and without hump. It is necessary to pay attention to the state of the fur, it should be clean and pleasant to the touch with a smooth surface, and do not have holidays. Eye color in small cute kittens finally forms only 7-8 months, so when choosing a kitten (2-3 months) can not accurately determine how it will be.

These adorable kittens breed of cat is developing quite uneven. First kittens can stretch in length, and they quickly grow legs and then the head is disproportionately increases or suddenly lengthened ears. All cats are “of late” breed, and final development in cats occurs in about 3 years.

Health and a color value

Cutest cat breeds

Cute cat breed is not prone to the majority of feline diseases if they receive appropriate care. However, the health of these babies depends on the pedigree. And, if you are sure that the next of kin do not have serious illnesses transmitted by inheritance, then be quiet. A careful study of mothers and fathers – is the first thing you should pay attention to when you gain the kitten. Since some of them can hurt polycystic kidney disease. Thus disease usually suffers from the Persians, so the questions and complete information about the parent’s seals provide your pet a healthy future.

Gentle and sweet temper different black breed cute kittens. They are characterized by high maneuverability, obedient, sensitive and are very nice. Very long black cats were perceived as bringing bad luck and misfortune, for this time the black cat “learned” to be a gentle and loving kindness. Black kitten will always be glad to communicate with you, and if you will respond in kind, then fall in love and become attached to you. Also, black kittens are easy to get along with children. The most accommodating and obedient are black cats, black cats are more capricious.

Black beautiful cat breeds are different and increased sensitivity to your treatment with it. If you are strict with a black kitten and often scold him, he will become nervous and closes in himself, afraid to do something wrong, that would anger you. For this reason, be indulgent to pranks black kitten. So accommodating and sweet temper no different cat with gray hair and a striped cat. Kittens with coat color can be different quarrelsome, hidden, and even closed nature. Getting gray kitten, do not be surprised that such a kitten will avoid the company, and sometimes even communicate with you.

Gray kittens appreciate freedom and independence. If you have your kitten gray stripes on the wool, you will periodically deal with misconduct kitten. But before you start to abuse it, try to understand what the cause of many misdemeanors such a kitten is the desire to be alone. The most cunning and clever research of German scientists is kittens red coloring. Most often it is red cats are selected for training. These kittens may differ increased obedience bordering on sycophancy. But beware, most often it is just a cunning plan ginger kitten in the case, if he wants to achieve something from you, or feels guilty about. So, if the kitten gently rubs against his legs listen to you, look not empties the bowl or whether puddle in the hallway.

Cutest cat breeds

This desire ginger kitten “cover up” their unruly, brings up the fact that you never see hooliganism or disobedience. Red naughty kittens for fun, but at the same time they can entertain you in this way. Red cat well feels your mood if you are sad, they will do anything to cheer you. White kittens can be sensitive and vulnerable to disease. Pure and white kittens are very beautiful, and many seek to acquire the white kitten. But these kittens do not have a simple and good character, they can act up like little children, and be offended, and white kittens are more susceptible to disease (including White cats are most often found with hearing problems).

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