Cats – annihilators of all living creatures


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Cats, both wild and domestic love to hunt. The group of Australian researchers led by Tim Daugherty from Deakin University recently concluded that for 500 years the cat completely exterminated 63 species of domestic animals and put a lot of other species on the brink of destruction.

But blame anyway – people. After all, people are settled all over the world brought cats and not every local fauna withstand such competition.

We know that invasive species, once in the “well-established” ecosystem often lead to its destruction – either due to the fact that the local “production” unable them to oppose anything, either because they themselves “guests” are not perceived by local predators like food. In the new study, experts have tried to find out how strong was the influence of relocation to new territories animals, “linked” to a man. To find out, the specialists used the data of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, as well as a number of other sources of information. More nearly 600 species on the brink of destruction because of the animals, spread throughout the world, together with a man.

It is important to note that other animals in 500 years destroyed:

  • rodents – 75 species;
  • dog – only 10;
  • cats – 63.

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