Cat wine – truly juice


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Cat wine – truly juice

Sometimes, returning home after a hard day, you want to sit and relax with a bottle of wine. But the forces of the talk the interlocutors and there, but the house has a cat. But the cat did not seem to drink wine? Here and there! Now, even as a drink: the company Apollo Peak (Colorado, US) released a feline wine! Depending on the plans for the evening, you can sit modestly with a small bottle or throw carousing with friends of cats and take a bottle more.

No “bust” and a headache in the morning: wine, alcohol-free and consists of organic beetroot juice and mint. Keep the drink is recommended at room temperature. Who likes it hot – and a possible warm? The same wine established in Japan.

After the incident in Japan began to make a special wine for cats. “Nyan Nyan Nouveau” – the so-called wine for cats, which the company released Kotaku – known Japanese manufacturer of animal feed. Nyan Nyan translated as “meow meow”, so that refined drink for Murzik is called “Meow-meow a new crop.” It sounds nice, but what does is the nectar of the cat? Of course, neither alcohol in “Nyan Nyan Nouveau” nor in “wine”, it is made up of grape juice, vitamin C and herbal tea from catnip (smell and taste of this plant seals adore).

Why would a company that prepares the cat food, thought about, though symbolic, but still alcohol for cats? All owners have come up with. Many owners of the caudate and whiskered begged food manufacturers to create something similar to the human celebratory drinks, but tasty and not harmful to cats. For many owners so eager for the holiday table to clink glasses with a four-legged friend and enjoy a “human being”, for example, on New Year’s Eve.

The social networks are already joking about the “strong, independent, confident woman” who, they say, is finally able to drink is not alone, but with all my family cats. Laugh, laugh! And in the meantime seals can become owners also drinking buddies. Speaking of price libations: cat bottle of wine will cost about $ 4.

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