The cat with two faces


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The cat with two faces

In the US state of North Carolina living cat with two faces called Venus (Venus). One half of its snout black, the other – haired. Cat Eyes also differ in color – one blue, the other green.

Biologists call this phenomenon a chimera. The unusual color of Venus – is the result of a merger of two different sets of genes, i.e., four rather than two parent cells (or two fertilized or two fused embryos). The hostess took Venus from the cat shelter; she says she was immediately fascinated by the color of the cat. Venus is absolutely healthy, cheerful and active. Due to unusual color, it quickly gained popularity on Facebook and Instagram.

You will not believe that there are handsome! Young cat named Venus in December became the real star of the Internet. And all thanks to its unique appearance: one side faces the black Venus, and the other – red. The eyes of cats are also different – green and blue. No dye wool touched this beauty. Nature is truly capable of performing miracles.

In the five-year Venus have their own pages on Instagram and Facebook, for the beauty of life have long observed a thousand people: we recently wrote about how this cat won social networks. Now fans have unusual animal has become even more: in December of Venus wrote half the foreign media, which made the heroine of publications even more popular than before.

Do not be touched, looking at this beauty, it seems, is simply impossible. No wonder her home and then post in the social networks here such charming video of your pet. Venus the home team are hoping that their cat would be an inspiration to all who are different from others. “No matter how you” other non-ideal “All of us are there we must not be the same, each of us is unique…,” “Love yourself and your entire fine.” They share in social networks cat.

She has made pictures which quickly gathered a large number of views. Now there are more than 2 million! “Despite the fact that it is small, it has an excellent appetite. She prefers to eat from dog bowls, cat food instead of her, “says the owner.


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