Cat travels around the city on a skateboard


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Cat travels around the city on a skateboard

In America there was a cat that prefers to move around the city a very unusual way – on a skateboard. On the video you can see how the cat Boomer easy rolling on the road, expertly circling obstacles dogs and humans. To accelerate the skateboarder uses the left hind paw. Skateboarding addicted not only to young people. As it turned out, this extreme sport like having animals. And they get it perfect.

For example, in Japan, is living an unusual skateboarder – English bulldog named the bazooka. His photos have appeared on the Internet for a long time and just captivated thousands of users. The dog saw a skateboard when he was 5 months old, and since then just does not go off from the board, the bark on the streets and parks of Tokyo. Now small pet cats also decided to take a ride on something human. Inventions for people like cats so much that they decided to take advantage of the benefits and gifts of peace, so as not to expend energy on movement.

Cat named Boomer, who lives in Malibu, learned excellent skateboard. The owner of a cat Robert Dollvert Boomer took from a shelter and helped him learn to ride a skateboard. Now, after the cat both people and dogs are staring in amazement. It is believed that cats are quite difficult to train. Nevertheless, Robert Dolvettu – talented trainer from Australia – was able to prove the opposite. He taught the cat skateboarding, and even performs with a variety of tricks! Just look at how skillfully cat travels through the streets of the city Kulentagga in Australia.

On her way there are different obstacles (including in the form of a huge Rottweiler), but she deftly overcomes them and continued his journey. To shoot this video, Robert took 18 months of training and six months of filming and editing. This video – the best proof that with a strong desire and perseverance, you can achieve the impossible. Robert Dolvett proved that cats can also be taught to do tricks.

More than half a million hits in the last two weeks to gather up a few video mustached skateboarders from the United States! Cat expertly rides a skateboard through the streets of the city; in addition also excrete a variety of tricks. Events in the movie start when Ollie skateboarder takes his four-legged friend Didga to walk to the beautiful beach city. First, the author of a roller called the cat, who somehow found himself in the open skate park. Animal meowed and immediately linked for the operator. In the next frame cat has jumped on and went to conquer the skate ramp.

As a result, the cat is able to show the real skill. He easily stopped by, and slid with slides, jumping over various obstacles. Even dogs, observe what is happening, not confused skater.

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