Cat mouser Larry left in Downing Street as a public servant


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Cat mouser Larry left in Downing Street as a public servant

Domestic cat of couple Cameron nicknamed Larry leaves the outside Downing Street, 10, along with their current masters – David and his wife Samantha – and will continue to serve as Chief Mouser prime minister’s residence at the new hostess – Theresa May.

The reason that the choice fell on Larry, was significant in his personal file as a characteristic of the cat (actually at that time still a kitten), endowed with “a strong hunting instinct.” However, hopes for his zeal and obsession in a ruthless war against the mice, the prime minister’s residence is not too true: the said instinct was largely overtaken the natural laziness Larry.

As a result, for a short time as the principal fighter with rodents moved to cat Freya, which in 2009 started living in the neighborhood with Cameron – at No. 11 Downing Street – Finance Minister George Osborne. But Freya, endowed with freedom-minded too, began to run out of the house the head of the Ministry of Finance, in the end, was injured, came under the wheels a taxi-cab, and was sent to their home in Kent.

As a result, the main Mouser Larry began again.

Cat Larry led the British government. This became known after Theresa May refused the post of prime minister of Great Britain. “Now Larry is carefully studying the documents, immersed in the course of business”, – said the representative of the cat. According to him, in Downing Street has delivered several tens of boxes and packages of different sizes for arranging Larry office. The very Theresa May said that “in a difficult situation in which the country found itself after the referendum on withdrawal from the EU, it is unlikely will be successful”, and therefore recommended that the post of Prime Minister, Larry, Ivory is very strong, competent.

According to the BBC, Larry already assumed his duties. Lord Kote (a decree on conferring the title today signed by Queen Elizabeth II) is going to hold off on the release of the European Union. “Cat is convinced that when the European Union will open the door, you just have to sit in front of them and do nothing,” – said the representative of the British Prime Minister

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