Cat Care


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Cat care

Here you can learn all about the care and the cat care, ranging from feeding the kitten and finishing grooming adult cat or a cat. Also in this section you will find useful material, which, for example, will help you train your kitten or cat to the toilet, or teach him tricks, if you choose a breed of cats to train. Our favorite animals, unfortunately, are aging faster than we are. Having lived with us all their lives, they become a part of our hearts. At the age of 10-12 years, the cat gets older. With age, these animals are in greater need of special care and attention, and if you have health problems, and special care.

The average cat lifespan is 15-18 years (the oldest cat in the world 39 years). The duration of the life of each individual cat. It depends on the hereditary predisposition, nutrition, diseases, and external conditions. Breed cats on life expectancy is not affected. Homeless cat lives, usually around 6-8 years. Accidents, illness, problems with obtaining food and loads of multiple pregnancies – all this reduces the animal’s life. The longest living cat is not coming out of the house, because she looked after, well fed and vaccinations against dangerous diseases. It is protected against accidents.


Cat care

The first step is to change the diet to a specialized feed for older animals and prevent overindulgence as treats. Digestion of the animal becomes more sensitive, and often at sharp change of food or eating sweets appear gastritis, pancreatitis, enteritis. Therefore, it is important to feed your pet correctly and know about basic essentials. The commercial feed for older cats balanced all the necessary material. With age, the need for protein is reduced, since the processes of building muscle atrophy processes are replaced. That’s why you cannot feed the animals forage for old young – there is an increased protein content.

The animal may need more rest and so it is very important that his place was equipped with warm and soft stove bench in a quiet place where they can hide and be alone. You in the house there was a kitten, of course, you probably immediately think of what you it will feed and water. After all, on how a balanced diet affects the health of the adult pet. Kitten and a half or two months, it is best if the cat is fed on – a mother’s milk. If this is not possible, you can be purchased at any pet store cat milk substitute and give him a bottle with a nipple kitten, diluting with water.

Kitten, whose age one and a half to two months, need to be fed five times a day. Since the age of 1-3 months of age is very important for further development. For a six-month kitten gaining approximately 75-85% of their final weight and, therefore, it can be translated into food to feed an adult cat, for example, to switch completely to feeding cats dry food. In the kitten to the five or six months begin to grow molars, so you can give a big bone to relieve teething. If you begin to notice that the cat refuses to eat, be sure to contact your veterinarian. Refusal of food may indicate that your pet is sick. One key point is the following: the kitten must be clean bowl of fresh water for drinking, and in a separate bowl of fresh delicious food.


Cat care
Usually, hair is an indicator of health of the cat and the owner cares indicator. As a result, the proper cat grooming, well-groomed and healthy pet has shiny, clean and silky wool. Obvious signs of attraction are losing disease, malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies, and from external factors: a stationary lifestyle, unventilated room humidity. The cause of dry skin of the animal can be fleas and ticks. Cats that are free lifestyle molt once a year – in the spring. If an animal intensive molt, then you need to reconsider its diet – to exclude raw meat, cheese, milk, oatmeal, cottage cheese. The cat should eat boiled poultry, rice, supplemented with multivitamins.

Along the length of wool, cats are divided into: long-haired, short-haired, nude and semi-longhair. Separate breeds and colors have their own characteristic features of the care of hair. But how to groom a cat? Under the rules of care for cats, you need to comb your hair starting from the head and gradually moving towards the tail, while paying attention to the chin, the lower part of the body and hind legs, especially long-haired breeds. When the head, back and tail will be brought to perfection, it is necessary to turn a cat on the back, for the treatment of the legs and abdomen. If the animal is accustomed to it from childhood, then this procedure will please him.

Bathing a cat

Cat care

Swimming – one of the least favorite activities, both animal and owner. Almost all cats hate swimming, and even more so when they begin to pour some water. To your pet somehow got used to bathing, it is necessary to teach a young age. A kitten cannot fall in love with this procedure, but will not be so break out, and treated more easily.

When you start to bathe cat, keep it not too hard, but rather gently and lovingly. The first few minutes of talk with animals, then go into the bathroom and close the door. All this time, continue to talk to the cat, your voice will help your pet stay calm caring for cats. Then take the cat to the mane and put him in the bathroom to e muzzle pointed in the opposite direction from you. Then slowly open the water and begin to water the cat is an animal not the most favorite procedure, so your pet can start to break out, or even scream. Shampoo should not be used too much in order to make things easier to wash her hair foam.

Cat brush

Cat care

Many cat owners do not even think about the fact that the animal must be combed. Of course, the language they better than any comb and can not only wash wool to shine, but also to comb it. However, the cat alone cannot fully comb his coat and constant licking leads to swallowing hairs and intestinal blockage. Therefore, host support is a must. First, the animal must be removed from the excess hair. To do this, you need an ice pack to hold the coat, as if caressing a cat. Such a procedure should please her.

Then you need to go through the animal’s coat with a brush or a comb with a sparse beard. It is necessary to carry out an instrument for the growth of hair. If they felt intricate pieces, then they should not be cut, and the need to try to gently separate the hairs from each other. Particular attention should be paid to fur on the belly and on the legs. Purchase must be two combs – one with the hair portion, and the second with a rare. And it will take a special glove.

How to comb the cat on his paws? Here, special attention should be paid to the hair near the anus. There she often stick together, and comb it quite difficult and painful for the animal. Torment myself or cat is not necessary, intricate pieces of wool cut better. Most importantly, do it gently, without hurting your pet. The entire process should be neat, light and delicate, and then the pet will be happy to go into his arms for brushing procedure.

Cat shedding

Cat care
On the one hand, falling hair remains on the floor, furniture and clothing family. In connection with this we have to clean the apartment more than usual. And the appearance of the animal at the same time can significantly deteriorate. On the other hand, loving owners worry about the health of your pet, think why the cat climbs much hair, what to do.

Why is it that the cat so hard climbs wool? The reason for this lies in the influence of the environment. Probably on domestic cats affects heat and artificial lighting in our apartments and houses, as well as the humidity level. Also molt occurs in cats under the influence of hormonal changes in the body: after estrus, during pregnancy, after feeding the kittens.

It is also necessary to ensure a full and proper animal nutrition: the food should be diverse, rich in vitamins and trace elements, from the diet, the cat should be excluded acute, fried and fatty foods. To avoid skin diseases, it is necessary to be vaccinated in time. If the owner notices that wool climbs too much, the most correct action would be an appeal to the vet. The doctor will conduct all the necessary tests, diagnose and prescribe treatment for pets.

Litter box and cat bowl

Cat care
Bowls for cats – Its convenient dishes made for a comfortable feeding your pet. Even at this point may come up with a creative side, to show originality, specificity and individuality. For some, a cat – it is only the Mouser and normal animal and other cat – an indispensable member of the family to which is the best facilities and amenities. Ceramic dishes are made for cats with a double bottom; they are more than roomy, characterized by strength and reliability. Cats in the wild use the sand to dig in his urine and feces. For the health of cats is very important to regularly clean the toilet tray.

What toilet paper tray is the best? Hygiene and size – are the most important factors. Most modern trays for cats meet the highest standards, especially those that are sold in pet shops special. The trays may be made of plastic, metal, steel and even cardboard. The latter is useful only for disposable trays, which you can take with you when traveling with a cat, or cat show. Other materials are easy to clean and disinfect. Note that the tray must be large enough for an adult cat, so that it can turn around in it.


Cat care
For any cat, including the home, the good condition of the claws is a necessary condition for survival, so little kittens already “programmed” to the tender care of his main “weapon”. One of the first actions of conscious behavior of the newborn kitten, except sleeping and eating is a sample of scratching hard surfaces. If you do not release your pet out of the house, care should be taken that would be the cat had the opportunity and a place to sharpen their claws.

In no case it cannot be a little gadget from a pet store. Such devices, often only look beautiful, but practical use no of them. Most cats are not interested. It is also quite difficult to establish them in such a way that the cat was convenient to peel them. Good gadget should be large. It is also used to draw attention to the fact, in what position the cat likes to scratch something: some cats prefer to peel only the horizontal surface. Ideal for this is the usual carpet floor, not too “hairy”: the smaller, the better.


Cat care
All cats especially bred to be susceptible to various diseases. Proper nutrition and nursing care for pet to help keep it healthy and protect the animal from the many accidents. Cat owner should know the symptoms that suggest illness kid. Receding hairline, wet stains, scratches, cramped limb movement, hard or bloating, redness of the inner surface of the ear, salivation, fever, sweating, purulent discharge from the nose, eyes and ears, lameness, traces of blood, diarrhea – these are the main signs of illness cats, and should not be ignored. You cannot treat your pet with the help of drugs intended for people, because most of these medications may adversely affect the cat health of the kitten. Only a veterinarian can make a correct diagnosis and treatment of pet required.

Cat dental care

Cat care
Brushing teeth cats is the simplest and most effective way of removing plaque and therefore maintains a healthy mouth condition. Like humans, cleaning not only removes plaque and prevents the formation of tartar; it also keeps gums healthy cats and eliminates bad breath (halitosis). Cats are recommended, if possible, a daily (or even twice a day) tooth brushing, brush your teeth, you can begin to cats of any age. However, you need to teach your cat slowly and brush your teeth very carefully.

To accustom the cat to brush your teeth at any age, but the sooner you start to do it, the easier it will be to achieve a result. Kittens usually does not take long to get used to cleaning, while adult cats this probably require more time. The idea of cleaning cat teeth may seem strange, but very clean complex and even very dangerous task. Nevertheless, although not all cats will be put up with such an idea, it’s a great way to maintain healthy teeth and mouth. Although the correct thing would be to brush your teeth after eating, many cats eat many times, in small portions; you may be more convenient to give the cat to eat after cleaning, so that it is not critical.

Cat palm care

Cat care
Besides the fact that all of this can cause pain in cats, these substances (especially the dangerous chemicals), can get into the language (many cats have a habit of licking their paws), then – in the digestive system and cause severe poisoning. Therefore, get a rule, every day, at least once a day, to inspect the paws of your pet for the presence of fragments, splinters or wounds, pay attention to the area between the fingers for nail care. If the cat is out for a walk on the street (more on cat walks) – after a walk it absolutely necessary to wash the legs, and then wipe them with a dry cloth. So you will take care not only about the purity in his house, but also the health of your cat. Otherwise, you run the risk faced with the following diseases of the legs and claws of cats.

If you notice that the cat constantly licking its paw, running out of her under him, or limping on it – it’s a sure sign that the pad cats could get a foreign body. Carefully inspect the animal’s feet for the presence of foreign bodies. He will inspect the animal’s paw care, would get a foreign body, treat the wound, impose a bandage on it, and tell about the further treatment.

Cat ear care

Cat care
Cleaning the ears of cats are not often required, but tall, it should be done more often than usual. Ear cleaning should be carried out when you are brushing your pet or if noticed, your pet shakes ears. If you notice in the ears of a cat brown patina, it is a clear sign of the presence of ear mites. You will need to isolate your cat to other pets to complete her recovery.

Ear mites and sulfur must be removed with a cotton swab dipped with them in a solution of liquid paraffin, but they can also be dipped in the solution. A small amount of this solution is needed every day to dig into your ears. But at the same time you need to make sure that your cat is not shaking his head, otherwise all the medicine can result before gets inside. To accelerate the absorption of the drug can massage the ear.

Cat eye care

Cat care

The eyes of your cat – the most important organ for her perception of the world! Have you noticed that many of the animal’s eyes open much wider than ours? This means that they are no longer in contact with the air, dust and other contaminants. This produced a tear – a natural means of purification of the cornea. It is not always useful for the secretion of tears animal – wool moistened under the eyelids, in a constantly damp environment bacteria multiply. All this gives rise to a characteristic strips under the eyes, and often eye disease. Prevent these troubles can be a variety of ways:

• Use sprays and eye drops with excessive tearing a cat. Some breeds are prone to constant watering, and a way to help. Be careful not to “dry up” the eyes and mucous cornea;
• Please contact your veterinarian to ascertain the cause watery eyes – perhaps this is a result of inflammation or eye contact with a foreign object cats, coarse dust. Then you need antibacterial drops with extracts of plants and anti-inflammatory effect;
• Should look to the behavior of the animal – it is possible that the cat has inflamed third eyelid, white thing whose cat covers his eyes in sleep.

If you intend to maintain the cat’s eyes clean – you will be many lotions for the eyes on a secure base with the addition of plant extracts. These formulations allow the wool to clean around the eyes, carefully remove congestion around the eyes, improve the condition of the mucous membrane of the century and moisturize the cornea. As a result of the tear glands secrete less fluid.

Cat wound care

Cat care

How to treat wounds in cats, if the injury serious? Such wounds cause a whole bunch of side effects, such as abscess, infection, up to a blood infection and necrosis. Here, self-will backfires, so it’s best to take your pet to an experienced veterinarian who will prescribe efficient treatment. Treatment of wounds in cats includes the following algorithm. When the wound stops to bleed, you need to carefully cut out hair around the wound. The cavity wounds treated either hydrogen peroxide solution, or with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Fleas on cats

Cat care

In order to effectively get rid of fleas in the house or apartment is necessary to determine whether in fact you and your cat attacked by fleas. The most important weapon in the fight against fleas become cleaner, it is indispensable when cleaning porous surfaces and will quickly bring fleas out of the apartment. Vacuum carpets, bedding and soft toys you’ve already done half of the case. But the process all porous surfaces still need an exterminator. You should know how to take care of a cat.

After a single treatment of an apartment fleas actually die, as promised. But after a few days, usually within a week, there will be new fleas, hatched from eggs remaining. The new generation, again come up against the insecticide and die out again (you do not retracted in the apartment a few days after the treatment?). However, it is possible that the new generation will have time to leave offspring, then wait for the next invasion is 2 weeks, by then better re-conduct disinfestations apartment of fleas. Therefore it is not so easy to get rid of fleas.

Spraying and Neutering

Cat care

Ambient suffer from typical cries and extremely odorous marks, especially unpleasant, if you live in an apartment building. Sexually mature cat is almost always on the lookout for the cat loses weight, the quality of its wool becomes much worse, and the character becomes aggressive. High hormones are constantly present in the body of the cat, can cause many disorders of metabolic processes. The cat suffers frequent heat, which in most cases very soon lead to incompatible with life-threatening diseases.

The first advantage, of course, is peace of mind and the animal itself and its owners. The problem is not only in the notorious cat screaming, as well as the problems that causes newborn kittens at home but also in the fact that under the influence of instincts of a cat can easily run away from home, and not just through the door but through a window, despite even high floor. Thus sterilization cats can protect you from losing your pet. Moreover, even if your favorite will flee from you; and will come back pregnant, it can also have a lot of negative consequences: cat pregnancy at too early an age significantly increases the risk of having handicapped young and serious complications for the animal.

Sterilization is a very simple procedure (takes less than an hour), so a lot of the time you have on it will not go away. And finally the third plus; Sterilization is a very humane procedure, as an unsatisfied desire and estrus, fertilization is not completed, there will always be a heavy load for the cat’s body and can lead to disorders of health, so better to alleviate the suffering of their pets.

Cat care society

Cat care
Shelters for cats designed to protect animal and give care. Of course, no feeding, no attention in this institution is a substitute for home comfort, but also the activities of institutions aimed at the implementation of the 4 main functions:

• Efforts aimed at reuniting a lost pet with his former master.
• Searching for a new habitat or the new owner for the animal thrown into the street

In individual countries, the problem of stray cats has different attention and support from the government and the public. They know how to take car of a kitten. For example, in Japan cat shelters have been operating for more than three centuries. On the territory of this state largely shelters for cats are private organizations. They are funded by the citizens are not indifferent to the problem.

In Europe and in the United States most of the shelters are private. Cats kept neat and well-fed, as far as possible their being parked. But we need to be said about the negative point – shelters for homeless cats in the United States commit themselves to the contents of pet’s limited time (2 months-1 year). If approved for the period of the organization cannot find the kitten a good host, the animal simply euthanized, regardless of age or state of health. US citizen to shelter your pet – a common practice, even the cat lost in almost all cases there are, after all, they chipped.

Separately need to tell you about a group of volunteers who do a lot for the thousands of homeless cats. For example, in the United States thousands of such groups are working for the benefit of animals, without even a specific building for shelter. And I must say, many of these organizations – well-furnished place where the animals and watch them actively looking for hosts. Everyone can help groups of volunteers, even just becoming a member of such a union. Help cats relevant for ordinary shelters, which often work with all of the same volunteers.

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