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Our online portal works in animal husbandry – we are passionate about the history and lifestyle of cats, their representatives from the wild and domesticated nature. We love these beautiful animals and are willing to share with you information about each species form. All pets are very interesting and wonderful in their own way; they love human warmth and care. We decided to give a complete summary of the most popular and lesser known cats that live on our planet.

Our online resource provides information on each breed and especially cats. We collected useful features about all categories – fluffy, small, long-haired, and other rare species. Here you will also find convenient search tools you need to breed cats. If you want to learn how to properly care for the animals than to feed him, how to handle it – we recommend choosing the appropriate section and get access to any information about the care and maintenance of animals. How to feed, what is the nature of the animal, as it is to bring up and care – all the answers you will get in here.

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